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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Kronicly Insane, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. Ok do I'm constantly reading threads of members that are new to growing marijuana. You all are looking for the same answer to the question How to grow marijuana? Well the answer is not do simple. I will tell you the answer us knowledge. You need to learn everything possible. I suggest purchasing a few book on growing. Two authors who write "Grow Bibles" are Ed Rothensal and Jorge Cervantes. Both guys share great technique and grow secrets in their books. They will teach you everything you need to know plus more. Read the book front to back a few times to really absorb the knowledge. I keep my books to freshen my memory and to reference when I'm having troubles. Both books are great. Eds book is used as the course guide for Oaksterdam, and Jorge has been writing grow books for years. Try to get the most recent book. He updates the information from time to time. Once you have read done grow books a few times you should know what to do yo start growing. After you gave read the books I suggest you read and follow other threads and led what us working or not working for other growers. As you learn to grow you are going to have success and failures. Just don't let these set backs stop you. Just continue on and keep trying , you will learn from you mistakes and successes. It's all part of learning.

    So in short the answer to your question is just a book away. Learn like the rest of us have and don't depend on the easy way and depend in others to solve you problems. Take the time and read everything you can then go grow. Knowledge and experience are the only way to grow quality cannabis.
  2. can we make this the stickiest sticky ever! haha. I'm all for helping people and try and go outta my way to, but to answer the same questions time and time again when they're too lazy to press ctrl f gets tiring. 

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