Advice for Moving Outdoor Plants Indoors

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  1. I have 6 plants that are only 6 days old. Since I kept all the seeds I used in the same container I have no way of knowing what plant is what strain or what's indoor and what's outdoor. I started them all on my balcony, moving them with the sun. One of the sprouts is growing faster, taller, and skinnier, so I'm pretty sure it's an indoor plant. It's been outside for 6 days now and it's roughly 3 inches tall from dirt to top. My question is, since I know it's an indoor plant, can I move it inside at this early of a stage? Has it been too long or is it too fragile to make the change? Can i switch from sunlight to artificial this young? Will I need to open my doors and allow more fresh air in?

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  2. I'm not aware of a strain that can't be grown indoors and the one seedling stretching is not really an indicator of anything more than she wanted more light.
    Yes you can move them indoors.
    Make sure your not bringing any bugs in with you.
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    Happy growing
  3. If you put them under a T5..they will do great...if they are in solo cups , let them root well & gain strength..pop them into a 1 to 5 gal. pot ..and take in the advice people give you...and you will have good herb !!.
  4. Thank you so much!
  5. Won't be a problem at all! Happy growing....:passing-joint:
  6. Only problem bringing outdoor plants indoors is first indoor crop attempt 2 months ago i cut clones off my outdoor plants and brought them in and little did I know a moth or butterfly or whatever landed and left larva or eggs and once brought indoors they hatched and started eating my crop...I'm on week 2 of my new from seed plants after dr dooming m room and growing 3 plants into my scrog for close to 2 months all to loose it all....good luck my man but I'd start fresh from seed I dont think it's worth the risk imo but I'm a newbie indoor grower what do I know Haha ....cheers

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