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Advice for large butter batch?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Klauie, Dec 7, 2011.

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    Alright, so Me and my friend plan on using some trim + buds from last year to make some butter.
    we have about one pound of product, and want to make around 20 pounds of it, so we can freeze it and use it when were dry.

    so with that, i have a few questions:

    • I plan on using the boiling water and crockpot method, but i would like some help with how many of them i have to use...
    • do you have any idea where i can buy a cheesecloth? or how much 20 pounds of butter will cost me? also, which butter is the best? ive heard euopean butter is.
    • potency. how can i make the most potent product for such a large batch, while still making the taste suttle? will it also be potent enough too, since the trim is from last year?
    one more thing, (and i know you all think no), but i have 1 ounce of moldy hash, could i throw it in the batch to help make it stronger? or perhaps make into its own butter itself?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. all feedback welcome, and tell me about your biggest cannabutter batch :smoke:
  2. Alright well to start I would probably only go for 16 pounds of butter at the most, so you'll have 1 ounce weed : 1 pound butter ratio. Otherwise it will be a bit weak.

    If I had to guess I think 1 pound of butter will fit comfortably in a crock pot with 1 ounce of weed and a bunch of water. Maybe 2, but I dunno.

    You can get cheesecloth at Wal-Mart, ask a few people because many don't know what it is. However I prefer to use super-fine mesh strainers because cheesecloth is a messy pain in the ass.

    Tough to say the exact cost for your grocery store, but for 16 pounds of butter you are probably looking at anywhere from $110-$130.

    The best butter ever is the honey whipped butter at Sweet Tomatoes. Since that isn't really an option, the best option is to make your own (which I don't know how). Having said that, it doesn't matter. It's not going to taste like butter, it will taste like weed.

    As for potency, that is determined by your weed:butter ratio and simmering for long enough (overnight in the crock pot is PLENTY if not too much). Personally I also think using water in the mixture and separating it out later takes a little bit of THC, but it isn't going to turn a potent batch into a weak one or anything.

    Anyway it's up to you with the mold. If there is not much you could risk it. Many times you can eat some mold and as long as you don't have any allergies be OK. The safe recommendation is of course to throw it away.

    I think 1 pound of butter was my biggest batch ever. We decided to pre-measure all the butter and ended up pouring it into a shitload of shot glasses :D
  3. unless you're allergic to coconut ...

    I STRONGLY advise using coconut oil instead

    since it works about 2x as well as butter ;)
  4. No water!!!!
  5. I feel like I know you.. do you live in NY?
  6. Thats funny man! i remember one time i was making butter but did not have any strainers. i used paper towels and coffee filters instead... way too messy. but the potency was still there! do you know how much those are?

    as for the moldy hash i just decided to throw that away, not worth the risk. also, instead of a crockpot i was thinking this [​IMG]

    you have any idea on if the butter will burn? really appreciate the help!
  7. where can you purchase pounds of coconut oil at though? and what reciepes would that fit into? i do like coconut oil also, i bought it a while back.
  8. nowhere near... Cali

    and it will go in any recipe that butter will ;)
  10. Should make Iso hash from the moldy hash.

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