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advice for getting busted in a country with draconian laws

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pandajoint, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. i think the question is why the fuck is there a place like this anywhere in the world? this shit just blows my mind.

    OP, you should get on the next plane to anywhere that isn't that place, or a place with similar laws.
  2. cause im dumb enough to ignore the law. :/ thought i was being smart and sneaky but my dealer wasnt and got caught and they found me.
  3. Did you die OP?
  4. #65 Jimmybobstoner, Sep 13, 2011
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    He is in SINGAPORE. He already said it once.

    And everything he is saying is true. I lived there for 3 years. Shit is really sketch down there. My dealer who I used to pick up from when I lived there was on the run and WANTED from going AWOL on National Service (something all singaporeans have to do for 2 years). Just so he could live a normal life he had to turn himself in and do his time.
    He got out 8 months later around December. And he still has to serve National Service.
    I log on to Facebook today and find a message from one of his bros saying he just got booked back into the jail.
    They asked him for an interview and he didn't show up so they went to his house, picked him up and drug tested him and now his in again for 12-18 months and after he gets out he still has to go back to NS for 2 fucking years.

    When I was there visiting my parents in December I picked up from this Indian dealer named Joe who I met through my friends there. I went to this guys house and picked up from him and he even smoked me out the night before I to flew back to the states.

    So I find out today from one of my other friends that this Joe guy just got fucked as well. His house got raided and they've been watching him for a few months. They even arrested like 13 international students.
    Check it out.
    CNB - Newsroom - Current News - Current > CNB weeds out cannabis trafficker - 15 clients including foreign nationals arrested in 18-hour blitz

    I was in this GUYS HOUSE. I walked down the hallways and shit shown in the pictures.

  5. There are actually countries out there with harsh laws, believe it or not.
  6. #67 ChipThaRipper, Sep 13, 2011
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    Why are you still there? Fly to a country that doesnt hand criminals back over to countries such as France. Why in the world would you stay in a dump like Singapore so that you can go to jail instead of just taking everything you need in a 2 suitcases, go to the airport, PEACE OUT!

    I mean I've planned out my escape from America if I ever have to ;) Dont you guys think about what you'd do if you were in a reallllllllly shitty spot and had to get away?

    But seriously you arent gonna be on the no fly list they havent proven anything on you.
  7. I would run like mad.
  8. [quote name='"pandajoint"'] my friends and i are facing the same shit that people hooked on crack and ecstasy have to face.

    cant get hooked on rolls lol
    but anyways theres a good possibility you'll come out clean because it's been 3 weeks since your last toke. but there is still a chance you can fail. i would keep your fingers crossed.
  9. This is from August fella's. If what OP said is true.. by now he has been hanged :'(
  10. i'd think you'd be clean after 3 weeks unless you smoke daily
  11. I think OP died.
  12. HOLY SHIT. hi guys, im not dead, i just totally forgot about this thread.

    thank GOD my piss was clean, they sent it to a lab to confirm it cause they didnt believe it, but it still came back clean. so they couldnt charge me, and let me off with a warning.

    im gonna be off to melbourne in february to do my degree, and im paranoid as shit now. i know they randomly send people for drug tests when they return to singapore, especially people who've been arrested before. i know all i got to do is stay clean at least a month before i come back but the paranoia is there and , well it just sucks not being able to smoke in my own country.

    i read about that joe guy in the papers.... damn. 6th september, i just turned 21.

    FUCKING close shave. dont ever come to singapore. tokers are not welcome.

    thanks for your concern GC, cant believe i forgot bout the thread but jesus, this shook the earth for me. fucking hell.

    jimmybob, if i ever find myself in seattle, we should totally hang man. :)

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