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advice for getting busted in a country with draconian laws

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pandajoint, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Where exactly in Asia do you live?? If you dont mind me asking.
  2. you just said you could potentially be hung, you should be paranoid lol
  3. Is Philippines considered Asia? That would be my guess
  4. rex, its a bummer, the law finally caught up with me. this place is too sketchy to be getting stoned at.

    thanks ralta... well theres nothing i can do cept hope for the best man. :/
  5. Singapore?
  6. The death penalty is for possession over 500g. Basically 1 lb.

    For actual possession under 500g the penalties are still serious, but more similar to the USA's penalty chart.

    How can they give you a penalty if they simply find it in your system? That's fucked up as hell. How would they determine the "amount" of possesion..?
  7. "advice for getting busted in a country with draconian laws".......

    Lol, don't get busted....or if you do, do a runner to another country.
  8. Get the fuck outta there. Sounds like a very intolerant place.
  9. Do not believe story.
  10. You sound like you have a shit dealer haha. Who the fuck keeps texts about pickups? He might as well put a sign on his front door saying 'I'm shotting weed'
  11. if i could be hanged for weed i would be on the next place out. lol
  12. most phone companys keep records of what you're sending..... they keep records on a server usually of every text for like 30 days

    with a court order they messages can be collected and viewed by police
  13. Well.. theres a sticky at the top of this forum answering all of your drug test questions.. -_-

    Hung for posessing too much pot? Shitty place to live in. Anyone who thinks that the US is harsh on weed laws, read about where you live.. death?

  14. Yeah but he left them on the phone. And thats why you need to buy a separate pre-paid sim for all weed conversations. Change numbers every 5 weeks (it takes 3+ weeks for a warrant to pass here), you just need to use your head a little bit and not front or show you're ballin' and the pigs will stay away
  15. thanks guys... i used to be paranoid as hell, till i met this dealer, who's actually an old friend who i sorta lost contact with till i found out he dealt and i needed a dealer. heh. i let my guard down, never used to text bout pickups till this guy, he never picked up his phone so i texted. fucking stupid.
  16. im definitely not gonna be hung, i finished all my shit, im just worried as hell bout the piss tests coming back positive. but i dont know if my dealer's in trouble of the death penalty cause i dont know how much he had on him. its shaking me up quite a bit.
  17. getting hanged, just for weed? DAMN! :eek:
  18. How did they go through the messages? They just randomly selected your number and phone and read everything? Something had to of happened for them to read through texts. You're just a person like every one else living there, they singled you out for a reason I guess.

    Did they take your phone? What exactly happened?
  19. Holy fuckin' Jesus! Don't tempt that kind of law, man!:cool:

    You might be alright, the THC that is in your body probably created its civilization about a week ago and packed up and moved onto another host by now.:cool:

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