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    Hey Guys,

    I am pretty new to growing any sort of Marijuana inside or outside.

    Although I am in the progress of giving it a try, but I am unsure if its okay to put the plants outside yet.

    I have started on Sunday by putting the seeds into some moist paper towels to germinate seeds, I am using some Sensi Seeds Skunk Auto (These ones! - Buy Sensi Skunk Automatic online - Sensi Seeds UK) . They are germinated pretty fast after 2 days the root came out pretty nicely after which I decided to plant them in the soil.

    For the soil I am using Bio Bizz - Allmix which I picked up at my local grow store here in Amsterdam, who has told me that this soil is pretty decent as for my auto flowering seeds I only seem to need some nuits for the flowering period he has told me.

    I have planted them straight into 10 liter pots as I saw somewhere else that they do not like to be transplanted. And I have been watering them since yesterday straight after putting the germinated seeds into the allmix, not too much as I do not want to drown them.

    The weather here in Amsterdam is a bit strange right now for example tonight (4th of May) the low during the night is 7 (52 degrees Fahrenheit) degrees Celsius with a high tomorrow during the day of 19 degrees celcius (66 Fahrenheit) going all the way upto 25 degrees celcius (77 Fahrenheit) on the weekend with a low of 13 degrees during the night.

    I am planning on keeping the plants on my balcony where for the second half of the day its full on sunny there, right now I take them outside during the day and then back inside during the night as I am worried it might be too cold for them.

    Just another piece of information, the seeds haven't come through the soil yet.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated, as I am hoping to get a decent amount of weed but of course that requires the some advice from some of you who have been growing for a few years with a bit of experience.

    Thanks a lot.

    Have a good evening guys & girls!

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  2. Anybody?? :/
  3. Not much to comment on yet.. Your fine and they don't need to be babied that much.. 52 F at night won't bother them at all and your on time for planting seeds outside.. Early May is acceptable as cannabis needs around 30 days to mature enough to flower and by then it's past June 1st and the days are long enough to keep them in veg.. Least that is how photoperiods work..
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  4. So you mean I can just keep them outside all the time and no need to take them inside during the night? At what sort of temperature do I need to think about taking them inside? I really appreciate you getting back to me :)
  5. Denko..
    It's like most soft leaved plants and can tolerate the same range of temps..
    While a grown plant can survive a mild frost in late fall at harvest they really don't do well in the upper 30s and low 40s Fahrenheit..
    Just emerged seedlings are tougher then you think and should do fine at your current temps.. Tilt the pots to expose as much of the surface to the sun during the day as the warmth as well as the moisture will trigger the seed.. Soil to cold it won't pop yet.. Keep just the center are where it's planted wet for now.. Don't flood that big pot with water too soon..
  6. They are autoflower.... you don't need to worry about hours of daylight.
  7. @BrassNwood - Thanks a lot for your advice! So I am just gonna leave them outside from now on and make sure they get the most sunlight as possible.

    @whtelk - I was more about the temperatures that I was worried about, I made no mention on the sunlight. But I also appreciate your input.
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    So this is a little update on how my plants (just for the people that don't already know i am growing Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds)are doing, they have actually been put in the soil 6 weeks ago today! On the weekend I went to my local growshop and picked up some Bio-Bloom from Bio Bizz as they have already started to flower which you can also see on some of the pictures, so I thought I may as well give them a little boost as I grew them all natural for the past 5 1/2 Weeks.

    What do you guys think, are these plants doing fine? The weather here has been totally shit for the past week or so and will be like that for another week or so... luckily they won't be soaked by the rain as they are covered by another balcony on top. :weed:

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