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Advice for edible dosage

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by ILikeWeedxD, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. Tomorrow I will be eating a weed brownie that my buddy made. He smokes a few grams a day and has a huge tolerance, and this brownie fucked him up. I have literally no tolerance, so I was wondering if eating half of the brownie would be enough or if I should eat the whole thing. I am going to be paying 15 bucks for it, and he said he used half a quad of kief for about 7 brownies. What do you think?

  2. Eat the whole thing. 
  3. edibles can have very different effects from the same dose, depending on what you ate, your mood, your sleep the night before and bunch of other factors. 
    also edibles can take a pretty long time to onset. typically it's about an hour to 1.5 hours... sometimes it can be as late as 3 hours, when it really starts to kick.
    so make sure you have plenty of time set aside... and you don't plan on doing anything other than enjoying the edible. 
    either way half should be plenty for you, if you eat the whole thing it might overwhelming (edibles hit hard and last long)... if you eat a half and feel like it's not enough eat another half about 2 hours later. 
  4. They have different effects on different people. Give it at least 20 minutes to take effect. I love edibles

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  5. If I read that correctly that's .5g of kief per brownie.

    Smoking .5g of kief would put me on my ass and I get high a few times per day.

    Have fun

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  6. I'd give it Atleast 2 hours to take effect depending on your digestive system.

    Eat something at the latest 1 hour before you eat it and eat something right afterward. You'll avoid the unwanted first pass effect

    The fattier the better

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