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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by keitanakano, May 27, 2010.

  1. I have now found a suitable location where the field can be entered without being seen.

    In the near future I plant to put some young plants there.

    Which strains would be the best? I am thinking of Lowryders, just started up the seeds indoors.

    Now, do you know when they harvest corn? Along the field there are small water channels for drainage. Would it be the best to put them there, next the field, or directly into the field?

    I mean, if the owner walks around, he would detect them more likely if they grow inside the corn- if they just use the space at the sides it is also *less offensive*

    Today I have ordered some misty seeds- have read they can finish off relatively early, and stay compact.
    But it might become end of June until I can put out the young plants!
    The Lowryders as well 15 or so others will be ready more soon.

    I had some failure loosing 10 young seedlings due to slugs but I am starting up continously now, yesterday have put all remaining seeds into white plastic cups for startup inside stealth cabinet/box.

    What's outdoors now is not that much, 5 or six older plants from spring they just have started with growth, added some birdseed/ditchweed young plants that I have just grown for fun, along with 3 real marijuana plants.

    i have 3 more plants ready for transplant soon, and 6 or so seedlings have just popped out, including some Red Lebanese, Haze, Swazi, and Mazar Sharif.

    The older plants have been Orange Bud and California Orange Skunk as well Ruderalis- some died due to cold weather put them outdoors too soon.

    You see I try a lot of stuff!

    I have also ordered some Mango genetics they have been sold out for a while.

    The cornfield is somewhere near my grow site, and I would like to read some of your advice about that.
    Maybe putting soil into plastic bags, there is enough of it around, and somehow burry it?
    I want to avoid detection by all means there is no guarantee no one will walk around so the plants should not be too obvious.

    On the site itself I usually dig a small hole then just transplant.

    What about pesticides? Will they impair marijuana growth? I have seen some small grass plants growing beneath the corn but probably they already applied some pesticides/weed killers. the corn just started, about 20cm height now. So when exactly is the harvest?

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