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  1. Hello fellow tokers! :wave: I am halfway into my noobie setup and I'd like some advice before I make any major mistakes. I have spent hours & hours doing book and online research and depriving myself of simple pleasures to save cash to get started, so I'm super excited and anxious to get it right. I'm hoping you guys will humor my craziness and offer whatever sage advice of which you feel I am worthy. :love: Ok, so far I have:

    A reflective grow tent (76x76x76in)
    One 600-watt dimmable ballast (50-75-100%)
    A cheap reflective hood
    1 each 600w MH & HPS bulb (to be alternated or used with an additional setup) and a digital hygrometer.

    I suck with soil so I'd like to try a DWC setup with 5-gal buckets, fitting net pot lids, and hydroton medium. I'll be sure to aerate. I was thinking one of those bubble disks. What do you guys think?

    I found a digital pH tester on amazon for $22.95, its "Milwaukee Instruments PH600AQ Ph Tester With 1 Point Manual Calibration". I'm not 100% sure if it's worth spending the cash to start with, or if that can wait. Any thoughts?

    I'm concerned with ventilation, maybe too much so. Those inline fans are expensive! The room my tent is in gets pretty cold at night so I was hoping I could get by with that and an oscillating fan for a short period. I will eventually try the DIY carbon scrubber I found on here, when smell becomes an issue. I am a prop 215 patient in Cali, but I don't want to upset the neighbors ;)

    An advice you wise ones wish to bestow upon me will be greatly appreciated!
  2. Here's the same meter with another name and you get allittle calibration solution... [ame=] Digital pH Meter Yellow + 2 Pouches of Calibrations: Home Improvement[/ame]

    Never hurts to save afew bucks... And yes you need a ph meter it's a very important part of growing.

  3. Thanks for the quick response and especially for the link! That's about $5 cheaper than the one I found :hello:

    I know it's necessary, I was just wondering if I could get by a week or so without. I get paid every two weeks, so I spend what I can each pay period, after I pay bills. But I will make sure I get the pH meter & control kit prior to my clones, just to be on the safe side. :cool:
  4. Hey amberlynn :wave: sounds like you got a good setup started already :cool: dwc is really fun and pretty easy too... Throw whatever kind of air stones you want in there... Just make sure you have a sizeable pump... Its all about how many bubbles you got going.... Remember to keep the water level at the bottom of the net pot till ya see roots....
    What strains are ya gonna run?

  5. Will do, thanks for the tip ;)

    Not sure yet. I'd like to try 2 or 3 strains at a time (a little indica, a little sativa maybe), I'm just afraid of getting in over my head. I would really like to grow some super lemon haze, my favorite, but I have heard it can be challenging for beginners. I dunno, I'm a bit ambitious, so I might try anyways. It all depends on what clones I can find locally. Any suggestions?
  6. The lemon haze is not hard it just takes forever. Mine took 15 weeks to flower inside.
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    Yeah with Hydro/DWC it's pretty much a requirement you wanna make sure everythings dailed in... No prob on the link iv'e spent numerous hour's finding the best deals i can find when it comes to growin, Im on an extremely tight Yeah you seem to have a pretty good start from what you have listed...GoodLuck.;) Also on strain selection, NorthernLights,WhiteWidow,Ak47/Ak48, are very good for a beginner Grower...
  8. Thanks for the advice guys! Y'all are awesome :D I've got my Amazon cart loaded up & waiting for payday ;) Hopefully I'll be able to get some little beauties in there in another week or so. I'm going to start a grow journal as soon as I get everything up & running. Until then, I'll keep checking back here in case y'all have any more awesome wisdom to depart ;)
  9. [unrelated comment, just cause the thread was started by a noob chick]

    But sorry i know nothing about growing
  10. Hi Amber,
    It sounds like you've done a decent amt of research already, but invest a little time in reading up on LST techniques and you won't be sorry. I'm sure people have grown Indica and Sativa together, but keep in mind that Sativa likes to grow tall. It may be easier to grow all of one strain first. Good luck with your grow and keep us posted!
  11. Get some hightimes magazine s and grow guides

    Good luck

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