Advice for a guy who has to take a break for a couple months?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by rdsites, Aug 6, 2017.

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  2. It's just weed.
    Buck it up
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  3. I feel you, I know a couple months won't kill me. I'll get through it, just having a hard time recently because it helped me stay so leveled out.
  4. Think of it as a really good tbreak.
  5. Thanks, I will. Tolerance is an obvious upside to such a long break, as well as a thicker wallet and the obvious fact that I will be able to get the position. I've been trying to look at the positives.
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  6. Find a hobby, enjoy the weed when you're able to
  7. Who knows, sometimes when you go on a break long enough, you just stop getting the urge to use it. You never know! Like other said, find a hobby man, occupy yourself, don't let yourself be bored or you will want to use weed.

    I collect coins, it's fun to go through all your change and check for old stuff and silver coins (quarters and dimes) 1964 and before, and the occasional wheat penny or buffalo nickel. Sometimes you can run to the bank just to get presidential dollars or half dollars or 2 dollar bills. It's fun stuff - and it's not like you're losing out on this hobby, the coin is worth at worst face value, aka, what you paid for it. At least, as far as the bank and daily life goes. You can of course pay more at shops or online or vintage/antique shops or yard sales or estate auctions or wherever else for more coins or even sell your older stuff for a profit higher than the face value.

    but you do you, rocks, gemstones, yoga, working out, chess, fucking bingo, pool, bowling, find something you can commit to or a variety of things to commit to and just occupy the mind. or you can just binge watch netflix and youtube the lazy way. that works too.
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  8. Take time each day to laugh for the sake of being happy. You don't need a joke or a tv show. Just laugh for a few minutes a few times a day as much as possible and do deep breathing and smiling and let go negative thoughts don't attach to them You can choose they don't choose for you
  9. read a real book with actual pages. it amazing!
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  10. take up a hobby like growing pot .....after 4-6 months you have your own to smoke
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  11. Sobriety isn't a bad thing, learn to enjoy it and also try finding something interesting to do during your T break

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  12. Tbh I would vape and make myself feel light headed to recreate the experience haha

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  13. Sometimes we all have to do what we have to do... I'm still a little freaked out because I have an upcoming test next week (mon-wed). On tues I will have 30 days behind me...I have been testing myself and have been failing up until a day ago. I'm stressing and kinda pissed at myself for not stopping sooner, but I did pass my home test this am on the first piss of the day-faint, but a line. I've been at this job since 2001 and this is the first time I have had to worry. I just picked smoking back up about a year and a half ago...before that it was in the late 90's .
    It really isn't all that bad..just remember that this stage will pass, and soon it will ne behind you. The bad about my job is this happens every 3-5 years as contracts change.
    Just remember..... YOU GOT this....

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