ADVICE Expanding operation from 12 mums to 24 and expansion of veg

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  1. I am going to make my veg room bigger and my flower room hold more. For flower Im adding either 3 600 or 2 1000, and another 12 buckets for a total of 24.

    As for veg Im buying another ebb and grow set up [​IMG]
    Ill make it hold 24 which I will frame another room next to my flower room in the garage so as to only having feet to swap buckets come time.

    So were at a total of 24 flower/ 24 veg all ebb and flo. Im running a 1000 and a 600 and am REALLY torn on how I should go about lighting the rest of my room and lighting my new veg room. I am between 2 1000 watts or 3 600 watters [​IMG] Im thinking 3 600 to get better coverage but what other benefits would this hold and what would be the negatives ?? I really want to run this as a PERPETUAL GROW this time to. Supply and DEMAND. I need more consistency if I want to keep my head above water in this rat race of Colorado MMJ.

    As for my veg area................
    Kind of clueless at the moment. Id like to go floro. I dont need to deal with anymore heat after adding these new lights in flower. I know Id get more vigorous growth from HID but how much. How much lighting and in what combo of lights would I need to run my veg room ? If it would be most beneficial to go HID I will but Ive always had luck with flo in veg ?

    So with this said my confusion is on whats would be proper lighting for both flower and veg and what would be a good schedule to go by on a perpetual grow ?
  2. You could always veg under a single 600W that you have buy 3 more 1000W and rock 4000W in Flowering room and veg them in there for maybe 2 weeks before you put them into flower. You could then add aux lighting (Top or Side) with T12 or T8 if needed in veg.
  3. Hello and thank you for the reply. Hmmm would 1 600 cover enough area to veg 24 plants at a 1 per square foot ??? Cuz my 600 is capable of doing MH.:confused:

  4. Well rule is 50W / Sq Ft a 600 would be 25W / sqft at 24sqft. So 2 600s should be your veg just fine and maybe 3 1000s for your flower.
  5. I think its come down to me running T5s. Im gonna do 4 2 foot 6 bulb T5s over 24 plants. It will be a lot less heat and juice. My breaker has potential problems, so I wanna make sure I can hold down flower before putting HIDs in veg. But Im still all ears :hello:
  6. veging plants dont need much place, i would suggest using 1000w with a light mover for veg, and 3000w for flower, but this is just me as i am a big fan of 1kw'ers, if i have a choice id use 400's or 1000's, i personally have never had a good harvest with 600's in the g/w ratio, but to each his own.

  7. Sounds good.
  8. Just got some nug called Mr. Nice Trash. Mmmmm its purtty.

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