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Advice anyone?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Svannim, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Ok so as some of you may know I smoked for the first time on 4/20 and got messed up hardcore. So I bought some more of the same weed today. One joint, pretty good size, about the size of your middle finger, and kinda fat. What should I do to avoid not getting the same crazy experience as I had on 4/20?
  2. Not smoke it...

    But in all seriousness, just take it slow and know your limit.

  3. Depends, was it the amount of bud you smoked or was it the setting and or activities you took part in after smoking that made it crazy?
  4. smoke half

    then smoke the rest later
  5. 1) dont refer to getting high as getting messed up.
    2) NEVER EVER buy pre rolled joints or blunts because 99% of the time your getting ripped off and the other 1% is that it is laced.
    3) obviously just smoke less of the joint..rely not that hard.
  6. It might have been both. I smoked an entire joint alone and I was kinda paranoid and worried.

  7. That is just because you are new to smoking. After awhile those feelings wont be present during your high. But just take it slow and don't smoke a vast amount.

  8. Smoke half, if you're by yourself dick around on the skinnernet. If you have a pet, and you start to get paranoid let him/her in your room. At the very least it's another animal around you and will keep you grounded. You're best bet would be to empty the joint and smoke from a bowl hit by hit until you reach a level you're comfortable with. Happy tokin'!
  9. You need to be in an environment where you are comfortable, otherwise your trip will not be as good. If you were really paranoid try smoking in a place where you feel more safe, or smoke with one of your good friends that you are comfortable with.
  10. Smoke it slow man. When you feel like you are high enough stop smoking. Listen to some music and just chill.

    I would take the others' advice on not buying pre-rolled anything, that's an easy way to get ripped off.
  11. Yeah don't smoke the whole thing, i would suggest like others have, to break it apart and smoke it hit by hit. Since you are new and probley dont have a bong or pipe i would suggest making an apple pipe. Easy, fast, inexpensive, just google how to make a apple pipe. Its how i started smoking

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