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  1. I am not a pot-smoker and I feel like My inexperience is keeping me in the dark and in a state of fear.

    My son just turned 18 and has been smoking mj for at least 2 years. It used to be only occasionally but now it seems it's daily or close to it. I'm not so concerned with this as I am about him driving afterwards. He claims he waits it out for a while after he drives, but I wonder about that. Sometimes I smell it on him when we gets home, sometimes his eyes are red. Even IF he is "okay" to drive he would struggle trying to convince and officer he is fine if he were pulled over. I think he just doesn't get how it's not worth the risk (of wrecking or losing his license).

    This morning I know he was smoking before he left to head out of town. He and his friend. They were dabbing and using a water bong. I don't know anything about this other than what I've read on the internet. Sounds like it can be a pretty potent hit. I know they left maybe 30 min after smoking. So my question is: is this unsafe??

    My impression is that teens in particular think it's not that big a deal driving stoned. He told me he himself thinks he is a "better driver." I told him I did not want him driving under the influence of ANYTHING and so no he claims he doesn't. This morning though... they must have been stoned when they left.

    I am so concerned about this that I can't even concentrate at work. I know at 18 there isn't much I can do other than take aware his car that is my name.. and believe me, I think about that. I just don't want to provide him the means to hurt himself or someone else. I KNOW this isn't going to stop him from smoking - that not my point. I just am terrified of him driving. And frankly he can tell me whatever he thinks I want to hear, I won't really know if he is driving stoned or not. Do you guys drive stoned? Am I overreacting??
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  2. If hes been smoking awhile Im sure he has a high tolerance at this point. I personally have always felt more focused and creative but I tend to use strains that are geared towards a happy energetic low cbd. I will say this though I have never been a fan of dabs. I like natural all the way since I believe in the medical properties of the plant. Just make sure he knows his boundaries and is smart about things. Just like alcohol if you go out and kill someone while under the influence of anything it will never bid well for you in court. Good post Im sure when my kids are that age I would worry as well. Best of luck!
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  3. Thank you for your response.

    I too can appreciate mj in it's natural form as I know it has great medicinal value.. even though I don't use it. I don't really know what the various manufacturing processes do to the plant but I did read that the butane extraction method for dabs can leave residue that's inhaled, and that's not good.

    Wow just writing all that I really feel out of my element. I want to keep the lines of communication open with my son but am so clueless about mj it's no wonder he doesn't talk to me about it much. I realize he's effectively raised now, my "job" is done and I need to let him go, but I just want to know he is not making really stupid decisions with regard to mj use. This is a hard subject for me.
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  4. Give him a car in his name. Don't let him drive your car knowing he's being unsafe, you can be sued and you're not going to be able to talk sense into him.
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  5. Yeah dude, if one of my kids was smoking dabs and 30 minutes later jumping behind the wheel I'd be taking that car away...shit, wouldn't trust half my friends to be competent drivers in that state.

    You take that car and if your sons got a problem with it steer him my way...that sumbitch, you tell him he's a damn fool. You tell him I said it. If he wants to discuss it, he knows where to find me. In the Maricopa maximum security correctional facility for men, State Farm road 31. Tempe arizona. I'll be waitin...
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  6. Tolerance varies a lot. I smoke all throughout the day, every day. You wouldn't have any clue that I'm high, nor would an officer. It is nothing like when I started smoking.
    That being said, there is a very slight delay in reaction time regardless of tolerance.
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  7. This shit is hilarious. haha :passtheshit:
  8. Glad you find it funny. Thanks for contributing something useful.
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  9. you're just being a good mom, no over reaction here. all you can do is verbalise your fears to him as often as possible. Driving after dabs or smoking a lot of flower isn't always smart but it is far from dangerous in my experiences.
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  10. the general belief, the world over, if the child in your life lives under your roof,

    he lives under your rules

    if he don't at 18yo boot him out,

    let your child find out how life can be for loosers

    5 minutes reading the underage remarks on this site would offer you a clue

    as many here say they are over 18yo in fact its very opposite

    but that whats come of legalization

    if you feel this child is a danger to the public even himself

    do not hesitate to call the cops

    the result often leads to making your child leave home quicker

    good luck
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  11. Thank you. I think once he moves out I will be much more at ease with all this because it won't be right under my nose. Until then I will keep talking to him about being safe and making smart decisions. I still am uncertain what to do about his car, if anything. I can certainly see reason enough to take it away, even if temporarily, but I also can see where it may not be the right approach and I definitely don't want to make matters worse. I don't want to close off communication with him by pissing him off, I just want to take the most effective path...
  12. Yes I could do that, but it would be extreme. He should be moving out soon anyway, at last that is the plan. As far as calling the cops on him, that would be tough. That's why am posting here. Maybe I'm overreacting. Maybe he smoked but only a little and is not as stoned as I worry he is. Maybe driving after smoking isn't as big a deal as I make it in my head. I just don't know...
  13. Pfff fuck the beating around the bush nonsense. It's your house, it's your car. Tell the little one if he doesn't abide by your house and car rules, you can be held liable seeing as it's your car. They can say you will fully knew he was under the influence and you let him drive. If he has an issue, tell him once he starts paying the bills around the casa it isn't up for debate. I smoke alot, but I do not drive under the influence. The risks far far out weigh the gain in my eyes.

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  14. That's amazing how you're taking the time to learn about cannabis for your sons use even tho you aren't a consumer yourself! We need more open minded people like you around :D
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  15. If varies from person to person. I hit the freeway and lane split, weave, dodge, maybe an occasional wheelie on a 600. After a very good wake n bake. I've been pulled over after pulling over and dabbing, and officers had no clue. On the other hand my friend took a hit from a joint, had to leave early. Texted us 30 minutes later, he crashed into a ditch, said he was blown, thought it was a shortcut. Smh.

    If you're that worried. Have him smoke a few joints and take you to the store. You can gauge how he drives, or crash.
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  16. I've read this while stoned....ended up choking on my pickle.
  17. In my eyes as well. In my opinion (as unknowledgeable as it may be) it is safer to not drive stoned. Obviously right? A sober driver is safer than one under the influence of something.

    * I DO NEED TO CLEAR SOMETHING UP. He is not the driver today, it's his friend... in their car not mine. So technically there's no liability on either of us, but again, I don't love the fact that he is riding with someone else who is potentially stoned.

    There are other occasions where I suspect my son is at least slightly stoned when he's driven, but I just don't know for sure. Like I said, I smell it on him or maybe his eyes are a little red.

    So to clarify the facts:
    -I don't know if he drives stoned, I just suspect.
    -Today he is a passenger in a car with someone who my son smoked with shortly before they left.
    -I own the car my son drives, and I can take it if he is being unsafe... and that's the grand question: is he?

    I guess I missed this section in the parenting handbook I received at his birth.
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  18. This is good advice and good insight. Everyone reacts differently to... everything. A good friend is perfectly comfortable driving while blazed and has total control, but other friends won't. Usually people can trust their own judgement, but I can't speak to teenagers.

    Most articles I've read about this say the same thing re: safety: Does Smoking Weed Make You a Better Driver?

    You can't really control him when he's in his friend's car, so the best you can do is talk to him and ask him to use good judgement. If it's your car, don't let him, or have him show you how he drives by taking you to the store.
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  19. ...driving while high on that's a loaded topic.
    Some people can. Others can't.

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