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Advice about hookups

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Damien247, May 1, 2004.

  1. Ok maybe I am doing something wrong, so please tell me if I am.

    I am from the west coast now living on the east coast.
    HAve been here for about a year now and have had crap luck about getting hooked up.
    I have made 2 other friends who also partake. One friend (who is someone who always has had on hand) has been out for about a month to 7 weeks. I bought from him at least twice a week and now can't get him to let me know what's up. Not like I call everyday either.

    the other friend I would have to go through 3 people.
    This both, is the least desireable way to have connections.

    AM I doing something wrong? I always pay top dollar, ^) for an 1/8 th. !@) a quarter.
    I am older now and don't go out much and have few friends that are of the same mind about this.

    Please let me know what you think I am doing wrong.
  2. i dont think its you doing anything wrong. my best friend moved there a couple of months ago right to dc and he still hasnt found anyone to grab from. its kinda shitty. every once in a while i get a envelpoe of money and an order list. if you do find a hook up in dc can you hook my friend up?
  3. If you're older... grow. If you dont go out, you wont find connections. There are usually a few notorious dealers in every area who shouldnt be hard to find.

  4. I assume that ^) = $60 and !@) = $120? If so, you really need to find a better connection. That's lotsa money for the stress you go through to get it. I'm on the east coast, and I pay $35 - 40 an eighth for good nugs, and $50 an eighth for real headie stuff.

    If I was you, I'd take Sean's advice and grow. For what you'd pay for a half ounce or so, you could have a nice little setup going. Then, you can be self sufficient and not have to worry about connections.
  5. yea, I 've had trouble finding good connections in the past, and it sucks to have to deal with people you know through like a friend of a friend. If you can, I would grow, that's what I would do if I were able to.

    Man, I haven't posted here in a while, but it's almost summer so I'll probably go away again, oh well.
  6. I eventually found hookups, but I regret ever spending any of my hard earned money here.

    Man, moving really blows. Last year, I moved from an area that has decent stuff all the time to an area that has lumps of plant matter that closely resemble pot.

    Spend $50 for an eighth of "chronic" which is a buzz that lasts for about 10 minutes and then just fades away.

    It all just depends on your area. This one has a private college, so there's a plethora of rich kids who will pay anything for drugs, great for the dealers, but bad for the customer who's smoked better.
  7. Man I feel sorry for all east coasters. They never experienced the west coast nugs. :(
  8. well dude, if ur still going to school, that is the best way to get conections, ive been at my new home for about 2 weeks, and iam starting school tues, and iam pretty sure that all iam going to have to do(being in the area iam in) is make some freinds dude, iam pretty sure almost every one smokes down here, so i wish u luck in finding hook ups, and i hope yall will do the same with me lol

  9. blahh.... I've smoked everyhting from some awsome humbolt county herb to nasty ass mexican brick ( which is few and very very far between)

    and i can honestly say that its pretty much all the same.... I live out here on the east coast and can pretty much find anything i want.... Its just who you know...

    its not about which coast has what, because it honestly is comming from everywhere.... but just who you know to get stuff from...

    all iknow is here in ny, i can find pretty much anything i want....and its not that badly priced...
    it just takes time and picking and choosing, where your gonna get from...

  10. lol, you could at LEAST be discrete about it.. because as we all know, there is no asking for conenctions on the forums
  11. I live in the dc area and i guarentee you that there is no shortage of weed or connections here. Just go out at night or walk around town a little and you're bound to find someone. Georgetown is always a good place to check.

  12. It baffles me to hear how much Most ppl here are paying, $60 for $10 worth of herb.

    Unless its some serious stuff, theres no need to throw away cash like that, even still, we get some real nice crispy piney regular very cheap. $10 bags will get you 2 fatass blunts or 3 good blunts.

    Was in Brooklyn for 3 days and the second day i found some $5 two blunt action bags.
    NewOrleans, Atlanta, Sanfrancisco, SanJose, Houston, Vegas, Jersey etc etc been everywhere and it dont matter.
    Yal need to stop letn these folks stick that dick to you when your buying your sacks!!!
  13. LOL ya thats what i call the mexico special, straight from harligen and brownsville up I45(famous us hwy for drug busts)
    40oz, 150qp, 360to380lb but you gotta watch out cuzz theres lots of dirt also
  14. damn.. here in central california it's $280 for an ounce, $140 for a half oz, etc

    kinda expensive compared to some of you :/
  15. I just got to anchorage ak and the shit here is great .....IF you can find it.

    I am having a hard time here as well, I mean I have a couple people but its such BS here to get.
    talk to one person and they have to go through about 3 others...whatever though
  16. Yup here in Htown, 35 for an OZ,

    20 a gram for "hydro" which is the best weed you can get around here.

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