Advice about getting a job for your typical slacker

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    I should probably get a job being broke and unemployed is a bit torturous. Being the incompetent jackass that I am what would you are things that you suggest that I should do when it comes to getting and holding down a job.
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  2. Hurry up and find something you enjoy, then turn it into a source of regular cash... and then take whatever jobs you can to support yourself until you become 100% financially stable doing what you love.
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  3. Assess your skills honestly. What can you do that is realistically available in your area? Once you got it, apply to every job of that type you can find. Most major companies have a "careers" section at the bottom of their main sites. If it's mom 'n pop stores, dress and shave respectably and go in person.

    If there is nothing in your area you think you can realistically do, then broaden your search and look elsewhere. If nowhere works, then it may be time to consider going to school and picking up some skills that will give you more options. This would also address the whole thinking you're incompetent bit. If you think you can't do anything, why not go learn something? Your choice of subject.

    Unless you're chained down by lazy unemployed infants who demand to eat every day, being broke can be a license to do whatever you want. It's a "The old way wasn't working, so here goes this." scenario
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  4. To pick up on the themes in posts above by Jane_Bellamont and Oni; some examples from my own life that were good jobs with minimal effort

    Quiet mom n' pop store is the shit. What Oni wrote about spitshining your shoes and putting on an eager smile and walking right in and asking has never failed for me. I've worked in a store that sold miniatures for tabletop war games, a blacksmith that made dope armor and weapons for local theater, an antique bookstore stuffed with nordic classics, and a backroom shop that sold pads and gis and magazines for martial arts nerds.

    All jobs had decent pay, great bosses cos shared passions, and the best part was very few customers (cos niche shit) and those customers that did come in were cool af to talk to, cos again, shared passions

    TLDR find a quiet mom n pop store that sells something you're enthusiastic about

    Edit: Saw your other thread too, getting a personable job could be a way to start climbing out of the pit
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  5. Also, for the love of god.. don't have kids! .. well, until you can afford them!

    I've gotten a lot of hate on Facebook for saying shit like that in the past, but that's why I say it here. lol
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  6. Don't worry, on the topics of kids all I see is burden. Funny how some people get it in their heads that just cus their friends are having kids so why don't they. It's actually horrifying to see people cave in to peer pressure and alter their entire life just for the sake of fitting in. And I get it as people get older their perspective on life changes so they get this idea that settling down seems like the right thing. Fuck that, I damn sure don't need kids right now. Knowing that I'm not alone in thinking that having kids can be horrible idea is refreshing.

    also the overpopulation of human race isn't a pretty topic, so ya know. People need to stop fucking in general.
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  7. Clean yourself up and apply to whatever you can, you might get lucky and get on the job training.
    I was a young stoner when I walked into this building in Los angeles and they desperately needed someone and I ended up a freight forwarding operator (picking up and shipping massive cargo). I had zero experience.

    Also, majority of people that are having babies are not middle class normal folk.
    They are living in shitty areas like south losangeles or whatever, they have babies because it gets them free money (ours) and also one day they hope one of their 15 kids will strike it rich. No fucking lie.
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  8. Stop being a lazy slacker, gain some self confidence, maybe even go to school. It is attitudes like that that give people who smoke a bad reputation. People are capable of amazing things when they put their mind to it. Including you. Other than that McDonald's hires anybody.
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    I'm betting if I clean myself up a bit I can trick some jackass into hiring me. For now I'm thinking simple cashier job for a store near by. Maybe a footlocker or gamestop or whatever. Any job where I can phone it in and other people don't give a shit. Something laid back and simple.
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    To be honest I'm may be depressed, but I've grown bored of being depressed ya know. Over the years I've grown pretty tolerant of loneliness, insecurities, and boredom. The fact that I've become complacent in this depressed state of mind is scary to me. Which is why I want to challenge my brain and be happier to challenge the naturally rooted pessimism that affects the way I think. It's kinda made me a lazy asshole. I want to be happy (or at least not some jackass no one wants to be around) and enjoy going out and engaging with other people.

    Things are gonna get better. Confidence will come in time. I just need to find my footing.
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  11. You can do it, that baby step stuff is bullshit. Wake up one day and say enough. If you need to quit smoking and drinking for awhile do it. People don't understand if you can't be happy with your sober self, adding outside influences only complicates the feelings you have. Be happy, be successful, and always be you.
  12. Also, train yourself not to say 'bruh' during an interview.

    I have to hire people at my job and whenever a kid says 'bruh' I automatically trash his application/resume.

    I'm not saying you do, but at least for the interview, act like a responsible hard working person, even if you're not.

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