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  1. Greetings all,
    I was wondering about when seed sites advertise yields, do they mean before or after proper drying and manicuring?

    For example, say a site says their Critical Mass will produce 700g per square meter indoors. What will the finished, dried product weigh, on average, per square meter?

  2. Questions like this are next to impossible to answer. There are so many other factors that tie into your yield. Even if we could come up with a reasonable number, that number will still not be accurate because over the course of your grow, other variables changing throughout your technique will throw it off. Especially considering your lack of experience, your going to want to grow a couple of times before you start to make calculations on how much your yield will be.

    The best answer I can give you is to use the figures they give you in relativity to their website, not your grow room. If there is one seed that is advertised to yield 500g/sq yrd and one seed that is advertised to yield 700g/sq yrd, it is probably safe to say the 700g/sq yrd seed will produce more for you, obviously. In any case, you should not make the choice based purly on the number they advertise.

    P.s. and unless your growing conditions are as good as what are used to come up with that number on the site, there really is no sense in even trying to compare theirs with what you hope to get.
  3. I'm not making the choice purely on the yield number, I'm not an idiot, as you are assuming. Let me try to present my question more clearly, as many may not have understood, especially considering my "lack of experience;" given the same conditions used to generate these numbers(which are usually the same on every single seed website), does the advertised yield refer to wet or dry harvest?

    OR, an even better question, has anyone out there grown Critical Mass, or any other strain advertised as high-yielding, in optimal conditions indoors? If so, can you give me the strain name, and some numbers on (dried) yield?

  4. ------------------------------- general rule to indoor growing is .5 grm per watt of light
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  5. Here's an answer that actually addresses the question (which I found to be clear in the first place): those advertised yields are supposed to be dry weight. Wet weight isn't appropriate for talking about "yield", that isn't the yield.

    Those advertised numbers are not what you should expect to get, use them for relative comparison (a strain advertised to yield 700 grams should yield more than a strain advertised to yield 600 grams, but don't expect to get that actual weight yourself).

  6. uhhhh +rep toastybiz is how you guys say it? Thats exactly what I wanted to know.

  7. Thanks for the info jiggaboojones. I just finished my first indoor grow and was having the same question as the post's originator. My yield came out spot on with your guideline of 0.5 grams per Watt with my 1000W MH/HPS light(s). The quality of my buds were impressive (to me, anyway) but just wondered why I didn't get the advertised yield. I had a crowded room with 8 plants under the light; figured 2 would die when I planted them all, but none died.
  8. Ignore what the breeders say about weights. Pretty much everything they say in those marketing blurbs are meaningless. Taste, smell, growth patter, type of high, colour, flowering times, height, harvest month, potency, etc is all bollocks most of the time

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