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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 2fly4YoAzz, May 10, 2011.

  1. I have always heard adventures are hella fun when high! Me and my smoking buddies are planning on smoking Thursday and we want an adventure to go on! Where we smoke is in a normal suburban neighborhood, with a pond within walking distance and plenty of creeks. So! Just send us on adventure!

  2. heres a good one:

    get really baked at home then sit around playing video games and watching youtube videos.
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    We did that last time! We want something new!
  4. get really baked at home then sit around playing backgammon and watching Meet The Press.

  5. fine. fuck bitches, get money.
  6. When you smoke, just go outside and start walking around the neighborhood. If you're high enough, the adventures will come naturally.
  7. Go grab some spray paint and tag a discrete wall by where people would go blaze, call it "The Kush Station" or some shit and paint 10 squares beneath it... leave behind a thing of tape and tape a .2 nug on the first square, write a message asking everyone who blazes there to tape a .2 nug of their stash and leave it there and when all 10 squares are filled, everyone who had a session there would meet at one time to smoke all the weed left there (write about the honor system and how cool it would be if people didn't just take the shit as they found it), might be a dumb highdea, or a really fun adventure like you asked for!

  8. lol. when the first person sees it theyre stealing it for a free bowl
  9. Yeah, man. I love just exploring random neighborhoods and admiring all of the houses.

    Forest adventures are always fun as well.

  10. Obviously I thought of that, what I put in brackets is the only thing you can do to try and make sure that doesn't happen...but since we're only dealing with .2's it would still be fun to try , no?
  11. First off, get a couple friends, your bag of dank, and your preferred piece.

    Next get in a vehicle and drive to a place where you think could be fun (gravel pit, forest, stream)

    Once you arrive at your chosen spot, start your sesh. when you are finished blazing, grab some tree branches and pretend they are guns. Walk around the forest pretending you are hunting dangerous animals. Best adventure ever hahah.

    Running down a huge gravel pile stoned off your tree is fucking exhilarating
  12. 1) get high

    2) build a working sub-marine that can fit all of you comfortably

    3) hotbox new sub-marine in near by pond

    4) If looking for more fun, add torpedos and f*ck sh*t up whilst high.
  13. Get high Before you go to a amusement park...mind-blowing experience! :eek:
  14. 1. Get high.
    2. Enter wave pool at water park.
    3. ???
    4. Profit!
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    haha i love my stoner adventures, or according to my mum "dans drunken adventures"

    no tips on what to do, but ill tell you my last little one, well two,

    so last friday i was smoking with my sister, my friend conner and my friend tayler + her boyfriend. i wanted to smoke before we went to connors friends house so we blazed at a vacent house( taylers boyfriend, hayden, works at a place were they rip out old houses for the goverment so they can be refurnished) this was realy scary the whole house echoed, anyway we decided to move on and went to maccas, now as we pull out of maccas the car breaks down (FFS), my sisters like we will push it, so were running down a highway for 15minutes pushing the car haha was so mutch fun after scores of trips and falls we finely got there, and what awaited me? the best bong i have ever had the privlage of smoking from!

    the friday before was my friend spencers leaving party (he just inherited $250,000 and was moving back to his home town on his own) , i was with connor, tayler, her bofriend and another good friend perry(smoking bro) so we go straight from school (finnishes at 2:30pm) to spencers and decide to smoke there untill people started comming and i would do an alco trip, it got to around 5:30pm and i went on my trip got the grog and as i was walking into the drive spencers dad was getting out of a taxi (he was ment to be in hospital having some small opp), im like SHIT and run past him with about $400 worth of grog straight into the living room were spence is ripping this bong i imeidtly shout "YOUR DADS HOME!" no one believes me so spencer walks outside bongin hand, asoon as he gets outside he turns on his heals and runs back into the house, we all run up the stairs and he gets called down, we get told we have 1hour to leave as he needs to rest, fair one.

    so we go around texting EVERYONE dont go to spencers wee will text you the new plans

    after around an hour of texting i turn to spencer and go

    OI richkid, hotel party?

    longstory short we book the whole of the top floor which cost him around $3500 (as were locals) 150+ people later the night turned out to be awsome, i was freaking as my name was on the lease (only 18year old) and people were smoking bongs in the halls, in the rooms everywere!!

    anyway, i get a phone call from the manager saying that all guests and friends of the guesst can have a free buffet breakfast for booking so many rooms <3 was truly the best night of my life to date the amount of girls, the amount of weed, and the amount of grog was insane, met so many new people that night it was great and helped me settle into my school alot more

    sorry for the long post i just thought id share my story haha
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    That is so fucking awesome.

  17. If I walk around my neighbourhood at night, I will most certainly get rolled.
  18. One word. Geocaching.

    You're welcome.
  19. Much thanks :hello:

    This looks awesome. Do you do it much?

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