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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Verse, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. Is it just me, or when you're high as fuck isn't everything like an adventure? like going to eat is like, a journey. Haha, idk if this makes sense but I'm bakkeedd. :smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::D:D:(:(;)
  2. Dood, when i'm baked, i feel like i'm on an adventure :D
  3. When I'm high and I have to do something it's like a misSion cuz I have a short attention span and then if I fail then I get all distraught and freaked out lol

  4. Haha yeah dude! true that.
  5. dude i completely agree. if i'm seriously blitzed, walking to get some food or whatever is an entire adventure, and usually feels like hours. one time i was walking back home from these woods where i used to smoke with my friend and i could have sworn we walked past the same street 3 times.
  6. duuuuuude! man, i just smoked a bowl from my (homemade) lung/parachute, and two bowls from my new bong(just go it, throwin the homemade replacements for my first one away), and trying to figure out why my door wouldnt open if i turned the handle to the left was an adventure. +rep for makin my day
  7. I usually stay at my girl's place and it is the best location to smoke at because there is so much so close!

    Within a 5 minute WALK of her place, we have a grocery store, drug store, Home Depot, 5 restaurants (2 fast food), coffee, smoothies, both our banks, dry cleaners, laundry mat, and a ton of other stuff! We can even get to one of our biggest city parks on foot in about 8 minutes, so great!

    We go exploring outside quite often and I love it!

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