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  1. I'm going on an adventure across (Starting with SoCal) Mexico to Acapulco, Cancun and Zipolite starting this week, and will be in SoCal for what happens to be the beginning of my Spring Break (around the 20th). I make money from making videos (and co-owning a website), and the plan is to get some awesome footage on this trip, and start getting a REALLY awesome check every month, just for video making.

    The videos have/will have everything:
    Candy making, food making, spiritual practice, law practice, growing plants, making electricity, making fun things with chemistry (like "hot ice"), Fireworks, New inventions, New ways to make hash, different ways to make hash, San Pedro, Buried Treasure (and a treasure hunt for viewers). And I have HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of ideas written down, and any more would be greatly appreciated.

    What I'm looking for is:

    People with ideas, or skills for video (Videos could be as simple as a cooking "how to", or telling a crazy story, And you can be paid once your video makes money)

    People with interesting ideas in general

    People who could possibly offer a place to stay
  2. Or if anyone knows good places for getting awesome videos of the sea, surfers, boats, street performers, or anything. In the San Diego area.
  3. the amount of people who make these adventure threads are surprising to me lol..

    Didn't know there were so many people like that
  4. Link me to one so I can talk to them.
  5. No one has any info that can help?
  6. Watch out in alcopolco the cartels are pretty bad there but other than that have a great time
  7. Forget acapulco, watch out in general down in mexico, its sad to say but the situation there is deteriorating by the day, also if im not mistaken the places you're talking about going to are dominated by the Zeta Cartel which to put it simply are not the nicest of people.

    Just be careful when out there bro and avoid the streets at night as much as you can.
  8. have fun, be careful and don't get kidnap

  9. Well some places are safe like cancun and cabo hell cabo has a lower homicide rate then most of the us
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    Thanks :D

    Is Cabo stoner friendly? Or at least is it available there?
    I'm having some people tell me there's no bud in their area, they may just not smoke though.
  11. Have a nice trip be safe!

  12. Mexico is very drug friendly all drugs are decrimanalised so if you get busted you don't get in any trouble your first time and I'm sure you can find bud in Los cabos it's a big party city
  13. I'd take my adventure more North...Fuckin' Canada and their fuckin' good weed with straight prices, fuckers.:cool:
  14. Wait so how are you going on this adventure? Whats your transportation? I'm going hitchhiking around America before I go to bootcamp.

    and yeah watch out in Mexico, its getting kind of risky even for Mexicans let alone Americans down there now a days.
  15. Canada is next :D
    Already got plans for that, and Hawaii

    I got a ride from Colorado to Cali.
    Then I'll just walk across the border check there, and chill till I can figure out a train or bus or something to get WAY down there.

    Unless I can find a car for super cheap(Which seems likely), and some people to roll with me (I'm not taking a car alone anywhere in Mexico) Then I might just drive there myself.

    Maybe plane tickets are cheap from Mexico to Mexico also.

    Best part is I don't have to ever travel with weed.
    Everywhere I'm going it's either legal, or Mexico. So it shouldn't be too hard to find.

  16. Spend as little time in the border towns as posable that's the most dangerous place in Mexico Tijuana isn't as bad as others but it's not the safest place ever I would strongly advise walking into Mexico
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    Its more like most of the police there are willing to look the other way for a nice monetary donation if you know what I mean. As for finding drugs there, they are in abundance; the weed you're most likely to run into you would probably consider reggies but not in the compressed form you see out here in the US, on the upside its super cheap a friend went like a week ago and said he got close to an Oz. for $5, but it should vary.
  18. Ahh, I stand corrected, however I must say I had no clue of this law, but the police will still take the opportunity to take a bribe from you if you're caught with any amount I should know I went last month.
  19. yu, yu com wis me yu go prison long time..

    lolwut heres 10 dollars.

    thank god for the exchange rate.

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