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Advantages of Tin Foil in Grow Room?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by incognitoflo, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. As title stated. I've seen a lot of pictures where tin foil was used on the walls. Does this better light reflection or what?
  2. i hear DO NOT! use tinfoil u will get hot spots that will burn da plants
  3. I would guess your mistaking Mylar for tinfoil...but yes TinFoil is a no no.
  4. I've heard from a few people that if you use the dull side of foil and use care when putting up to make sure the are few wrinkles that it works ok with a CFL set up.
  5. Man u guys r so dramatic u act like if he puts up tinfoil his grow room will turn into the sun...

    Thy say not to use tin foil but I like to test out things myself to see why thy shudnt be used or should be used...

    I use tinfoil in my grow room and I HAVE NEVER HAD ONE PLANT GET BURNED BY A TIN FOIL HOTSPOT... maybe this hotspot thing applies more to people using higher wattage lights 1000 watt or something....
  6. I have also used it before without a problem but I wouldnt go around and be putting tin foil near MH or HPS by far.
  7. foil isnt bad to use, read my link above. i have used it b4 & have done a test w/ & w/o foil. if the foil has wrinkes u will get hot spots w/ enough light, & did burn some of my leafs. the test was mostly temp related & hotspots. when i used the foil on my walls vs just flat white, the temps rose up an average of 3 degrees F. if u dont want to buy a bunch of mylar, go buy a few of those metalic balloons, they are made from mylar, just flip them inside out
  8. I've had burns from tinfoil VEGGING under 250W CFL.

    Yes, I burned my plants on my very first grow.

    i would not recommend using tinfoil. If you have flat white paint on your walls this is better than tinfoil 100%.

    If you can, go buy yourself some Mylar. THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST REFLECTIVE MATERIAL!
  9. zero to none
  10. i think tinfoil would be fine but i would probably turn ur plant once in a while to prevent burn's
  11. Aluminum foil is less reflective of light than a flat bright white painted surface.
  12. I read that it absorbs more than 80% of the usable light.
  13. Mmmm, I've seen it rated at about 55-60% light reflectivity. As compared to around 80-85% for flat bright white painted surface and around 90-92% for horticulture-grade mylar.
  14. im setting up a grow room in a large lizard cage my friend has does this for a little over 2 years he is not very serious about growing high quality stuff unlike my self and my question is would you need toput somthing on the glass to reflect light or not any info would help also the cage houses three full grown water dragons and the tank is 300gal thanx they are striculay carnivorus
  15. Are you saying you want to grow MJ and keep lizards in the same container? Or are you just referencing the size of the MJ grow space by telling us about the lizards?
  16. Mylar: 92-97% reflective
    Flat white paint: 75-85% reflective
    Panda Film: The white side is 75-90% reflective
    Aluminum Foil: no more than 55% reflective
  17. Mylar is a more efficient reflective material, plain and simple.

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