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Advantages of the cone joint?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by devilsheep, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. I see alot of people rolling cone joints and saying they always roll cones, but what is the advantage of it opposed to just a straight, evenly rolled joint?
  2. They look badass.
  3. they smoke wayy better
  4. cones show that you can do more then just roll a paper.

    i love a good cone, it should be double the size at the end compared to the filter.

    i roll one of the best joints out of my friends but thats because im a canadian in americaa were they only smoke pipes and bongs for some reason
  5. I can't for the life of me roll a straight joint, they always come out as a cone, might be because of the way I do my filters.
  6. They look cool, but in my experience a straight one does the job better.
  7. straight rolls are gaaaaaaaaay
  8. I know they hit better, not sure what else
  9. They look cooler.

  10. Well the filter forces you to roll a cone as long as you put it in before you roll it lol

    It takes skill to do it well, great way to show off.

    The advantages are it looks sweet as fuck. They hold more bud.
  11. You're kidding about the American's only smoking from pipes/bongs, right?

  12. Rolling with the 'filter' in is much easier than trying to put in in after.

    Am I missing something?
  13. here in colorado it sure is prominent.

    we NEVER smoke bowls or bong in canada its joints blunts or joints or blunts
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    Hah you with the wrong ppl, in P-town it's all bout the blunts

  15. You;d be surprised by how many people i've seen put the crutch in after they tuck and lick... im like wtf?
  16. Roll up a blunt man, it's better.

  17. Thats retarded man. :cool:
  18. Fuck yeah buddy. At my house, its a blunt and a blunt, or a blunt THEN a blunt, and on rare occadions, two blunts at once. I have a bigass bong I keep in the fridge, but i've always been a "do it yourself-er" and nothing is more satisfying than burning a cigar you JUST lovingly rolled up yourself.
  19. Now that's how you do it.
  20. probably its better rolling a joint which is coned, so the smoke wont pull out of the filter when smoking it :p

    Read someplace about that.. Nice prepared joints dont leak :) They burn from "one" side only and the right way -> up!

    Well for my expression I would call a blunt, a heavy rolled sigar :) hihi

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