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advantages and disadvantages of different stem sizes....anyone?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Dr. Errl Hammond- B.H.O., Jul 17, 2013.

  1. whats up there fellow enthusiasts,
    i have a question for you all......
    In your opinion, what is the best size stem/joint 14.5 or 18.8???
    1) what are the advantages / disadvantages of each
    2) why do you prefer the one you do?
    btw, i already have a Pure beaker GonG 18.8mm, and a stemless 18.8mm

  2. I've tried both and i notice essentially no difference in terms of effects or drag, that depends more on the bowl since obviously the smallest bottleneck with be the hole in the slide. 14.5 is cheaper since its smaller but 18,8 gives a little more flexibility in terms of what you can put on there. I don't mean like what slides or ashcatchers, you can get adapters or things that fit your size easily, but 18.8 gives more room for art and stuff, not too mention a massive bowl if you want. 
  3. I had a 14, worked perfect, cheaper to buy accessories, and still got to have a massive slide, despite what above poster says in last sentence.
  4. I used to own a couple 18mm pieces.
    I don't see what the hypes about.
    These tubes came and went...

    My 14mm piece has been around for a while.
    I've had no complaints.

    It's really all preference I suppose.

    I wonder how those GravLab Nano tubes hit...
    If they didn't have tree percs I'd pick one up.
  5. Ill end this.
    Theirs no difference
    It doesn't matter
    And your over analyzing
  6. i prefer 18, i get better hits.  my friends prefer 14, they are cigarette smokers and take different (smaller IMO) hits than me
  7. I dont smoke stems and my joints are usually a half gram.
    Why do you like 14 over 18?
    I own all 18 pieces so thats what I go for. I'd say 18 offers more airflow and 14 offers more restriction. I dont remember the last 14 I hit though.
  9. I like 18, but I have no real problems with 14. It all comes down to personal preference. I think that there are more options available for 18 and cooler attachments that you can get, but that is really the only difference I have noticed is the products available. I also think that 18 would be a little more sturdy, but I can't back that up so this is just mere speculation.
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    Not as much air flow? You're wrong, that depends on the bowl / downstem you use. If you use a single hole bowl, with a standard slit downstem your air flow will be nothing compared to what i have for my current 14.4 with a 8 hole slide and a alex k stem... Just beause its 14.4 doesnt mean it reduces the air flow. Because the same would be the case in an 18.8. 
    Like someone said earlier in this post... youre over analizying 14.4 and 18.8 dont really mater the only difference you are getting is bigger hole or smaller hole. 
    Lol I'm wrong? So your saying an extra 4.4mm in the opening won't allow more air? I think science would say your wrong bud.
    No need to try to school me on multi hole slides....
  12. Less airflow could allow for milkier rips.
    But that might not be entirely true...

    Not really sure why exactly, but I prefer 14mm.
  13. While your absolutely correct about the more air thing, the bowl/slide itself can make a huge difference. The slide for my 18mm piece has a tiny hole in the bowl and creates a lot of drag even though it is an 18. Now my friend has a 14 but the slide is pretty much wide open compared to mine and it has like no drag whatsoever. So there are a lot of factors involved. The number of percs can make a big difference as well. My 2 showercaps also add drag, but my friends 14 has 1 dome perc and less drag. However that said, your still absolutely correct by saying an 18 allows more air flow then a 14.
    Yes this I understand. I was saying everything aside a 14.4 joint vs 18.8 joint. The 18 will allow more air.
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    1st of all when do you ever use a bong without a downstem and bowl? Never.
    Lets us continue... How can you get more airflow out of an 18.8 with a SINGLE HOLE BOWL. and about 4 slits in the stem. COMPARED with a 14.4 with a Benwilison slide (8 holes) and an alex k stem (8 holes). Please tell me who will get more airflow - the 14.4 or the 18.8?
    Im not trying to "School" anyone, It just only makes sense if you want to maximize your air flow you need a more scientific bowl / stem. 
    So relating this all back to your statement of "you can obliviously get more air threw the big hole..." True, but like i said, when do you use a bong with no stem or bowl?
    As i said... The size doesn't mater 14.4 or 18.8.
  16. You seem to be forgetting stemless bongs. Not trying to dive in on your argument or anything but keep those in mind. They naturally have a different type of air flow and different back-pressure and whatnot; at least enough to make a noticeable difference. And because on a stemless your going directly into the bong with no fancy down-stem to change things, just open space, an 18 will function better then a 14 (in that scenario at least).
    Yes but this whole discussion has been about stem sizes for bongs, so assume the topic creator was more on the lines of what i was talking about...
    But youre right when it comes to stemless, but that wasnt the topic...
  18. You're comparing apples to oranges not apples to apples, this is pointless.
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    Shit your right, I was just thinking about the size of the slide not the stem. I have a stemless and its been years since i had a stem bong so I kinda forgot stem size vs. slide size. My bad lol.
    You see I just hit said bong, so I didn't look as into the topic as I should have.
    Edit: On that note I read Op's post again and he said stem/joint. And even mentioned their own stemless bong as if introducing it to the discussion. I feel that I may have spoke to soon; it looks like stemless is fair game for the discussion.
  20. Good point...  :laughing:

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