Advanced plant experimentation.

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  1. Does anyone have any experience in breeding plants? I mean like splicing two plants together, cross germinating, ect. I personally have slpiced two indoor potted plants into one plant and slowly created my own form of plant, but that took a very long time and many many trys. Can anyone with more experience in such things please give me some advise?

    My plan is to find a plant related to the train of seed I have, cross breed them for a while and make a new hybrid plant. This plant will have the body of a legal species with the THC content of canni.
  2. I don't understand the point of splicing.
  3. To cross breed plants. if you do it at a young stage it affects the plants seeds, moving traits from both plants to the next generation.

  4. Whatcha' got there is a .......Pipedream
    Not possible :rolleyes:
  5. are you talking about grafting(attaching one plant to another)? i havent heard it called splicing.

    if your looking for a plant related to cannabis, the only one i know of is Hops(Beer!).
    im guessing if you were successful doing this, it would only change the growth habbit of weed. make it more of a vine instead of a herbaceous.
  6. I'm sure it can be a genetics lab with about $100 million budget.
  7. By splicing, do you mean grafting? Marijuana is an annual so I don't see the point of grafting two plants together. Usually grafting is done to fruiting trees and bushes that live for many years.
  8. Wasn't Rumple experimenting with using Grafting to grow clones?

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