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  1. hey guys so just started my first grow. when I ordered my kit it said it came with canna aqua vega and flores. so I went and bought canna cal mag, boost, rhizotonic, cannazym, and pk 13/14. Well when the kit came it wasn't canna aqua vega and flores it was PH Perfect grow,micro, and bloom by advanced nutrients. So I am sure I could figure out some way to utilize the advanced nutes and still use the rest of the canna stuff but to be honest its my first grow and its already complicated enough. so I figure ill put away the canna stuff for now and use the advanced nutes ph perfect grow micro bloom...but I know advanced nutrients makes TONS of different ones to add on top of the basic grow micro and bloom...ive been doing reading into a lot of the rest of there products but I wanted to ask anyone here that either uses advanced nutrients or has enough knowledge on the subject that would be able to give recamendation. Basicly I want to know what other advanced nutrients products I should get on top of the grow micro bloom I already have....what do you guys use?? Thanks to any one that can help!!
  2. The trio is all you really need, it has everything your plant will need to grow and thrive. They do sell other bottles like bud candy, which is a product ive asked about in the past and someone said it was a waste as you can use molasses instead and it does pretty much the same. Besides the trio cal-mag is about the only other thing you' need and you bought some so i think you are all set.
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  3. Congrats on starting your first grow....good times. My personal opinion....esp since its your first grow....don't complicate it...I remember going through that phase too....and my mind went crazy about just use the very basic of Jon23 said....trio is all you need....thatll get you through your first grow....with GOOD results as well.....don't think because you aren't putting 15 different things into your water that your plants are gonna suck...that is NOT true.
  4. OK thanks guys! I know you don't need extra stuff I thought it might help just cause I think the plants are a little behind where they should be cause I think when I just had them in plugs before they went into the buckets I think I over watered them so they were slow at first and I am growing auto flower so I was a lil worried cause I know with autos you only have so much time to get them big before they flower....but you guys both have a huge point...kinda like the AA/NA saying keep it simple stupid! LOL and yeh I think my brain is overloading on info anyway so ill take the advice and keep it to the 3 part and calmag...thanks again guys!!!
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