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    Can you combine any of the levels, or do you ONLY use what they recommend. For example, can you follow the hobbyist grow, but also use rhino skin, or bud candy- or should I just only get the nutrients mentioned?
    Given that the above answer is yes, just use the nutrients in each category, what about cal-mag, liquid kelp, etc. Do I mix these in WITH the advanced nutes, or mix in and feed separately ?

  2. What's up man I had the same question till I answered it by trying out myself I say you can cause I have not had any problems with it yet and I'm 3 weeks into my veg I combine the voodoo juice with pirhana liquid and b52 right now at the measurements they recommend of 2ml per l of water and I add fish fertilizer once a week tomorrow will be week3 check them out this is week one ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414465649.541693.jpg this was yesterday ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414465707.276428.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414465934.813898.jpg and here's some notes on my feeding if it's of any help to you! Best of luck !
  3. I believe you can use them all as long as you only use one of the base nutrients (2 or 3 part grow micro bloom)
  4. You don't want to use ALL of the additives as some do the same exact job.

    I mix my nutes the following way for veg growth. 3 ml per L of Sensi Grow A & B, 1mL per L of growtek calmag, 2mL per L of B-52 for the first 2 weeks of veg, and 2 mL per L of voodoo juice for the first 2 weeks of veg.

    The only additive I don't have from AN is my calmag, but when I add it into my nutes mix, it still maintains a perfect pH.

    I grow in Hempy buckets, and I feed every watering. My nutes mix sits at about 1200 PPM with additives, I feel like I have room for one more additive during veg, but have no need for it. My nutes are kept at a pH of 5.8 thanks to the pH perfect technology.

    I've had no deficiencies or nutes burn with all 20 of my plants following this, I'm about to feed them all flowering nutes for the first time, and have some bud candy and overdrive for when the time is right. But you don't want to be using more than 3 or 4 additives at any given time, or else your PPM will be like 1700 or more and they will likely burn

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