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Advanced Nutrients... worth it?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Gr33n_Cr0nIc, May 6, 2009.

  1. Ok so most of you know that Advanced Nutrients claims they are the best for "our" plants. But is it worth spending all that money in the long run? Does anyone have any insight or personal stories on these products and if it truly did what they say. I mean it almost sounds like they are light years ahead of everyone else...

    I have looked up and read almost everything they have to say about each and every one of their products. They are the only Nutrient Business that test their nutrients on marijuana. But cant you get huge yields from using other nutrients too? Is it that big of a difference that it would be worth spending the extra money on???

    PLease just fill me in on anything you might know personally about it or any other nutrients that gives you your huge yields...

    Thanks :)
  2. Well, science has long discovered what nutrients marijuana uptakes and uses for growth. With all of the macro and micronutrients identified, the question becomes whether their nitrogen is better than another nitrogen. The answer is no.
  3. What question are you asking exactly? If thats the best nutrients on the market? And what are you answering? Sounds like you're trying to write off all nutrients there Titanium.
  4. No, read it again carefully. The question is whether Advanced Nutrients has some type of insight into cannabis growing that other companies don't know about. Hence their "better" nutrients.

    My answer is that Nitrogen is Nitrogen. Potassium is Potassium. As long as the elements haven't been changed chemically (high heat and a long idle time can do this), they are exactly identical. One company cannot provide a better "element" than any other.
  5. Im a newb at growing, but i would amagine that one Nutrient can be better then another...? wouldn't you think titanium?
  6. Yes, different nutrients in varying amounts are better at different stages, but remember they are still elements. One element of nitrogen is chemically identical to another element of nitrogen.
  7. I understand that.. but if your plant needs nitrogen then it needs nitrogen... but who is to say that every company puts the same amount of nitrogen into the bottle... basically all I'm wondering about is. does advanced nutrients put all the RIGHT things into their product in the RIGHT amount JUST for "our" plants... Does anyone have any insight about this? have you used advanced nutrients and noticed a difference.
  8. Are AN nutrients good - Yes. Are they worth the extra cost? Perhaps but not to me. If you buy all the nutes that AN suggests you need then you may as well go to your friendly neighbourhood drug dealer and buy your weed. I have been growing awhile and have seen really good crops grown with department store nutes, including the much-maligned Miracle Grow. It's just a matter of getting the amount of nutrients and micro-nutrients right. Start off with about 1/3 the recommended dosage and work from there.
  9. titanium would you say theres no diff between organic and non-organic nutrients? organic has to be better for our plants and ourselves right?
  10. I have noticed that Advanced prodects are far more pricey then other stuff but im wondering that if i do put this money into them then would it be worth it in the end? I think that if i would just end up using some of their products, like VooDoo Juice, BIG BUD and Conissiour i will still be able to get some great plants out of it...

    So please Im trying to save some money here in the nutrient line... Im going to need LOTS here soon... so if anyone can let me know that if using Advanced lineup is well worth it or can i just get the same results using cheaper products.
  11. Does a pair of Air Jordan Nikes for 200 dollars make you play any better than a pair of sneakers from Walmart for 20 bucks?
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    CannaStats Home Page
    features analysies of various nute recipes for cannabis. This is how the famous two-part Lucas formula was developed. Every successful recipe wound up having the same guaranteed analysis and performed no better than the basic minimal formula.

    As Titanium said, AN's claim to fame is that the nitrogen is supposed to be easier for the plant to absorb, iirc. Also, something about that nitrogen means you can't check the pH until about four hours after you've mixed your rez, because it will change.
    Come to think of it, that's probably the only advantage: it forces your plants to go through a pH range; some nutrients will be absorbed more easily at one end of this range or the other.

    My mentor, Lucas, once simply posted that these are "high quality." I doubt they'd be worth it.

    BTW, I'm talking about AN's basic 3 part nutes, which has a different nitrogen profile but has an IDENTICAL guaranteed analysis to General Hydroponic's 3 part nutes.

    If you're talking about a set of different nutes and additives that are supposed to "build-up" to some awesome system - that's probably achieved by shorting some of the minerals in the main solution then supplementing them in the additives - along with proprietary ingredients that make it easier to shove the bottle of Big Butt up yer ass.

    You've never see any nute recipe with any amount of additives outperform a basic recipe in a healthy system in a double-blind study and you never will, with good reason.
    Even knowing that, it's damn hard not buy into that marketing:


    Doesn't it look like they know what's up? It's like they're saying, hey, this stuff is MADE for weed, you really WANT it if your growing weed.
  13. Ive heard good things about bud candy... they say its Carbo Load and Sweet Leaf mixed togeather. Which this is great because I have Voodoo juice now and they say to use CarboLoad with it.

    Have you guys ever seen the movie called Nutrient Challenge... If its real then advanced nutrients takes the prize of first by a long shot...

    anyone have any more input? like personal exp...?
  14. there is an old saying u get what u pay for,

    this was a saying that was made up by an advertiser. simply put if it makes u feel good to pay more for what they claim to be the best product. then by all means its your money go for it.

    i have been growing for a few years and have tried AN products , and overall i think there the best. the question is are they worth the extra cost . in my opinion no.

    i hope this was helpful

    the shankster:bongin:
  15. this gets asked at least once a month if not once a week....if you got the dough buy the shit ...if not go with GH flora, or GH flora-nova.... bet you will get close to the same results.
  16. yea i feel you, i got enough money to buy it but all i need to know is if its worth it. i have been using the Flura Series for quite some time, but the advanced nutrients seems like it would be like roids for weed plants.

    and if i can spend alot less and get almost the same result then hell yea ill go for the cheap buy. but im looking for personal insight on past grows anyone at all?
  17. For the amount you might spend on additives you could add another pump to your DWC, improve your ventilation, add CO2, etc. The more money you end up spending on additives, the more you could've upgraded your setup which will make a MUCH bigger difference to your plants.

    If you have a PERFECT setup, go ahead and spend the extra money. It's funny, nobody I've seen with a perfect setup, that they've spent years dialing in, uses additives, I wonder why :rolleyes:
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