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Advanced Nutrients with "PH Perfect"

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by CurtChronic, Jan 15, 2011.

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    Alright, here's the deal...I've been reading about this for a few weeks. One of my buddies told me he loves using AN nutes, and he says he doesn't PH (in fact he said he doesn't even know how to check PH because he's never had to do it). He's a hydro guy, but I recently gave him a plant that is in Sunshine Mix #4 and he's been using the name nutes (Sensi Grow A+B), and he still says he hasn't had to check PH once. He's had the plant for 3 weeks and it's been growing strong, in fact, much better than when I was using Roots Organic.

    I, on the other hand, have had multiple issues with PH and it's just a big headache. Has anyone had any experience with this? I am getting tired of issues I've had with Roots Organic, and I don't even care about using organic nutes anymore. Is it wrong of me to look at this as a solution for my headaches? He doesn't know the "science" behind why he doesn't have to PH, but he's had no issues with PH at all. Anyone else have the same experience? I guess I'm just naturally a skeptic.

    Edit: And I know their damn marketing tactics suck. That's why I am having a hard time figuring out what's shady advertising tactics, and what's a true customer testimonial.
  2. they dont sell AN ph perfect in the states yet, but if they did i would still check the ph.

    how hard can ph checking be?? Dip the stick, read it, add up/down...
  3. When I was looking at online stores there were places that sell the Sensi Grow with "PH Perfect Technology". :confused:

    I have had many issues with PH, might be based on my current issues with Roots Organic, however. But the fact, I guess, is that if you don't HAVE to check PH, why wouldn't you? Not having to worry with calibrating, as well as buying Up, Down and calibration fluid.
  4. I have been using the Sensi Grow A+B for awhile now and the PH perfect is a bunch of crap. I still have to check the PH every other day. The PH goes up just like any other nutes. I have to use PH down. I am using tap water so maybe that has something to do with it. But they don't state that on the bottle. The PH is far from perfect. The nutes are good but I have to wonder about the price, I am starting to think I could get the same results with cheaper nutes. Just to use the beginner it's 27 for A+B Vodoo is 100, B52 40 big bud 30 and over drive 35 for all that its like 232. Personally, I think only a fool would run the Grand Master. After it's gone I am going to run DNF with some additives. I have a funny feeling there will be the same results.:rolleyes:
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    I use AN 3-part Grow/Micro/Bloom.

    I add the amounts of the G/M/B to my bucket of RO water which is probably pH 7.5 or so and the pH goes to exactly 5.7, almost everytime. I do not check pH on a daily basis, I only use my pH meter on the day I do res change and it's always kind of a formality since I get consistent readings just about everytime that tell me AN is pHed balanced enough.

    I change the buckets once a week and the end pH reading is still somewhere around 5.8 or 5.9 even though I've been adding back un-pHed plain RO water throughout the week to top off.

    If I use additives however, such as SilicaBlast, AquaShield, CalMag+ I sometimes need to tweak the pH but those additives are not made by Advanced Nutes.

    I don't know why some people hate Advanced Nutes, their G/M/B system is great and costs just about the same as GH. I would never spend any money on their whole system, I might try BigBud but that's about it.
  6. I don't hate AN I just think if there going to use advertizing terms like:

    "Overdrive is a really special formula that does something that used to seem impossible.":rolleyes:

    and you can harness this fact to get more vigorous growth and maximize yields.

    If you use cloning and transplant formulas from other companies, all you'll get is a lot of filler material and nitrogen. :eek:

    Nirvana's rare extracts are made by the only expert in the world who knows how to get super-special, plant-stimulating ingredients from kelp and transfer them into your hydroponics garden.:rolleyes:

    Obviously we absolutely make sure VooDoo Juice microbes are always the ZR1 Corvette with 620 horsepower motor, not the Chevy Malibu!|":rolleyes:

    If there going to say stuff like above they better have nutes that are 50 times better then anything on the market. I have used Healthy Harvest, DNF, Budder Up (home made stuff), GH and there isn't really a big difference in the plants. Not to justify the insane prices AN is charging for the "Grand Master". I mean why aren't you paying for the Grand Master if it is really that great. Your even using other companies additives. Really now the "only" expert in the world? The problem with AN is that they are trying to sell you the same car with the same features as the other cars for 300% more. If you want to invest in something that will make a difference get good lights and a good air exchange system. I think these make a bigger difference in your grow and where the money should be put.
  7. So, really...you don't like a company because their marketing department uses things that sound sales-y.

    Yeah, can't imagine why they would do that.

    Oh, right, EVERY company is trying to tell their products so that they can make, you know, money. You'd do the same thing if you were them.

    I'm honestly more concerned about their research and development department and what they've come up with. If you're listening to just the advertising, you're just being an idiot. And arguing that you don't like a company or won't try a company's products because of that is really kinda dumb.

    Advanced Nutrients products work - and I've rarely had any issues that weren't because of my own stupidity. I agree that the ph-PPM thing is a little confusing since I've heard it's a product line and that the technology is already in the products.

    Whatever. I just check my ph and PPM like I'm supposed do. Just assuming you can sit around and hope your plants can manage is a newbie grower mentality. Growing is work. I think that if you can't handle the work then just buy your weed from those who are willing to spend the money on good nutes and those who are willing to do more research than to just write off a company because you don't like the way they advertise.

    *shakes head*
  8. all i can say about the situation is i grew in fox farm happy frog/ocean forest, roots organic soil, miracle grow organic choice soil. Have used sensi bloom a and b, bud candy, big bud, overdrive, nirvana, mother earth super tea. Checked the pH of the solution in week 1 and week 5 before i gave it to my plants and it was always around 6.0. I always used the Advanced Nutrients Old Feeding Chart not the new one where it will tell you to use twice as much. Had great results with the bud candy, big bud and overdrive. Maybe its just my mind convincing me that in the 7th week 2 plants of the same strain the buds increased noticeably by at least 30% after just a week and a half of overdrive, was ridiculous. With my second grow i used Iguana Juice and never checked my pH once the entire grow and it came out great. I still would advise you to check your pH and TDS if you have those meters available. I'm starting to back off of advanced nutrients tho after buying pounds of dry organic ingredients such as fresh worm castings/bone meals/guanos for $40 when a fuckin bottle of most any AN product it $35-$40. either way i like advanced nutrients just like everyone says they make some crazy claims when it comes to their products.

  9. i dont think anyone could have said it better man. that is sooooo fucking true. after growing for years (i started young at 15, 20 now) most of my friends are just starting out and its almost comical to see how their minds think when it comes to room setups, lights, nutrients, and just general growing knowledge. its unbelievable the amount of hands on knowledge you gain just from one of your own crops let alone 10 full crops. I love helping everyone as much as i can. my one buddy has been growin for a few years now and this year he finally switched over from t12 flouros, to a 400w HPS. and it just crazy hes just now doing this after 5-6 crops of only getting less than an oz off a 4ft plant he now realizes how much time he wasted. but like you said if your not willing to do the work than support someone who does!
  10. Who ever said I wasn't willing to put in the work? I have/do put in the work. I was curious about this product, that's it. My point was, if it works, why not use it? I mean, we aren't still using horse and buggy, right? Because cars are better tools for traveling. We use power tools instead of manual tools on many occasions. Do you tell people who use power tools to leave the job up to someone who is "willing to do the work"?

    On a side note; my parents bought new windows, from an Amish company, for their home a few years ago and the Amish use manual drills as opposed to powered drills. So, by your logic, we should hire the Amish to do everything. ;)
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    Who ever said I don't like them and don't use there products? I do use their products. Like I said there no better then anything else on the market and their additives are over priced. If they want to sell there shit with a bunch of marketing bullshit then all the power to them. The morons will buy it no matter what. If you want to pay 1000 per grow for their additives be my guest. I guess we will find out who the real gullible idiot is. News flash for ya... DNF works, GH works, Healthy Harvest works. I guess your attitude comes from thinking the joy of growing cannabis is "work" makes you an ignorant shit head.

    Name-Calling is not allowed here - KSR

  12. easy tiger... no name calling... it can get you banned... and this is suppose to be a helpful forum

    he was a dick, you were a dick... your both even

    a guy in a thread i started broke down the entire AN line and compared it to GH line and the cost difference based on the charts that both product lines put out... the cost difference really wasn't that much higher with the AN line...

    I still don't like having 20 chemicals to mix... seems kinda tarded to me.. until the day they come out with the PH perfect line... my money stays with GH

  13. seriously man? my comment had nothing to do with you as you can see how i quoted motherhuggers comment, just in-general if people dont want to take the time to research what their putting into their plants and take the time to maintain a healthy, pest free garden, then they should get their meds from someone who cares.

    and bout the Amish, dont know where i said anything relating to not using power drills. dont see how my logic points to we should hire the Amish to do everything. haha we should tho you kmae a good point. i got one of them Amish heater, maaaaan does that thing kick out some heat!!!!

  14. The thing is you haven't even tried to test the pH perfect technology. You don't know how it works.

    They have better or more buffers or something now - there's less fluctuation than before and there wasn't all that much in the old formula. That's not the cool part.

    The cool part is that the "sweet spot" in pH is huge. Instead of it just being a narrow band the pH Perfect nutes are supposed to work in a huge range of pH. Basically anything not so acidic or basic that it straight up melts the roots.

    Try THAT before you say it's crap. Let your pH wander around, go nuts. The new AN formula can feed plants at crazy pH's.

    Oh, but make SURE it's the new formula before you start doing that. Go to their website and compare the labels you have to what they show. (The new labels actually say "pH Perfect" on them).

    CurtChronic - as for why your friend doesn't have any troubles using AN... that's just kind of the way things tend to go for me on AN too. It's not that he doesn't need to check pH, it's that he doesn't and it isn't causing him trouble. If he's using the new pH perfect formula the reason is clear... his pH could be all over the map but it still works in spite of the fluctuations. And since he doesn't test his pH he doesn't know it's happening.

    If he isn't using the new formula he's probably getting a little lucky. But in my experience not seeing crazy pH swings is not unusual for AN's stuff.

  15. BTW, I like and agree with your disclaimer.:D

    If you added some dolomite lime to you mix, it would pretty much take care of your pH issues. Pretty much a necessity with organics.

    I no longer pH anything and just check my runoff every now and then. IDK about ROOTS ORGANIC, but I do use Earth Juice and that stuff is acidic as hell.

    Try it. Only Lowes in my area has the Ground/Powdered Dolomite Lime and it cost ~$5 for a 40# bag. Everyone has the pellets, but they need to be ground up or it takes 2+ months for it to work. Hydrated (quick) lime should be avoided completely.

  16. I use the Sensi Grow/Bloom A/B with B52, Big Bud, Bud Candy, Overdrive, and Voodoo Juice. When I mix nutes with 7.1Ph tap it Ph's down to 5.5 but then it slowly creeps back up to 7. I can keep it at 5.5 using Ph Down, but the plants don't seem to mind it climbing up to 7. Either way, I researched nutrients thouroughly and decided to switch from GH to AN. I'm learning as I grow and so far I am happy with AN and will be using their products from now on. I just wonder why the Ph creeps up on me. IIRC it's a natural function of the plants uptaking nutrients from the solution, but I am not sure at the moment. I just remember reading in several places that hydro growers generally tend to use more Ph Down than Up, and I think that was because of the nutrient uptake.
  17. Well, I've been using it for a little over a week now. Sensi Grow/Bloom A+B and Big Bud. The growth on my plants has never been so fantastic. Granted my plants were recovering a bit prior to that after I realized it took about 12 damn teaspoons to get proper nutrient levels with Roots Organic. But my young plants are loving the AN.

    With my Roots Organic it would drop my water PH VERY low. The only reason (in my opinion) that I no longer have to PH my water with AN is that it doesn't lower my PH and it's within the proper range. So, I would agree, my buddy probably doesn't have to PH because he's lucky enough to have water in the proper PH range.

  18. Awesome. Glad to finally see some reviews of this - sounds like this is something I have to try.

    Absolutely going to try the pH perfect line next time. I've never been a big fan of the pH Up and Down stuff. Seems like that's just correcting a bigger problem in the short run.

    Love seeing the positive reviews already...
  19. I am just getting into week 7 of a 9 week flowing in my first budget grow , i am using sensi a+b as a base with canna boost , and so far using tap water with a ph of 8.5 as tested before starting the grow i have had no ph issues at all , in my mind is worth the extra bucks for at least the base as whatever the shit claims to do i can say its working very well here ;).....

    also have a friend how tryed the same with the canna base with disaserus results

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