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advanced nutrients VS. canna

Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by growbuddy420, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. just wondering if anyone has used advanced nutrients for their coco grow. a week or
    so from starting and picking nutrients carefully. this will be my first indoor grow and
    i really want to keep it simple and easy. i have purchased coco starter plugs aswell. any
    suggestions on how to start out nutrients with seedlings. i understand it should be well under
    the bottles suggested use but has anyone dialed it in for canna or advanced nutrients.
    also wondering what is necessary for canna with pk rhizo and cannazym if they are necisary
    for 1st time grower

    alex :smoke:
  2. ive used an for my first few grows and one try with coco and it works for soil and a big hassle in coco. i am in the process of converting to all coco and i am using canna coco 2 part with great success.
  3. listen to jiggy...canna a plus b and cal/mag for sure...everyone has a different blend and they all seem to be kickin' ass.....i suppliment with ff trio....superthrive......blackstrap...ect...ect...ect.....coco is forgiving....just gotta learn to think of it like hydro:wave:
  4. Crap, looks like I missed out on telling you that Advanced is really the best way to go. I've seen some great things happen in coco too, even though I'm more of a hydro lover.

    If you're a first time grower, it's always going to be better to use fewer nutes than to use too many. You will get confused and you might ever end up hating growing overall. That's no good.

    Just choose a good base nute (I like Grow-Micro-Bloom right now) and a few additives. Bud Candy is the one I'd choose above others. With these nutes, you'll have a good solid base, not much to remember, and you'll see a good harvest.

    In time, and with experience, you can add more, but that's really all you need to begin.

    Hope things work out for ya!

  5. Lucas Formula + CalMag would be the easiest for you.

    Ive only heard good things about the lucas formula in hydroponic growing, and people praise it as being one of the easiest to follow without compromising quality. CalMag obviously because coco is deficient in these aspects. Really though, this is as easy as it will get without cutting corners, and its very easy..
  6. I have ran both lines and I prefer advanced because it seems cleaner and less salty than canna. I also like to throw in cali magic from GH and Liquid Karma , and oregeonism ( this stuff is great and economical ) Sugar daddy or bud candy is a good additive. And pina colda flush from grotek at the end fro a gnarly flavor.:eek:

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