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Advanced Nutrients vs Canna Bio

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by kushmanjockin, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. Hey GC been a little while. Been doing a lot of reading on organics/guanos/teas/supersoils etc.

    Anyways I have 4 plants in a tent right now under a 600w Hortilux. Temps 68-72 day/ 65 during the night but humidity is at 56% how can i lower it without a dehumidifier i feel its a little to high. 1 Lambs-breath Sour D and 3 "purp" clones. 1 purp clone in a 15gal bucket with 50/50 mix of Roots Organic/Dr. Earth Homegrown Probiotic POTtingsoil. 2 other purp plants in 10gal pots with the same mix. Lambs-breath sour d in a 3 gal with the same mix. What I've decided to do is run Advanced on the lambs-breath, 15gal purp and one 10gal purp. Will use Canna on the other 10gal purp because the 10gals are almost identical.

    Ive used Advanced and have gotten fantastic results but have been looking into Canna and have herd good things. For the advanced side I'm going to run Iguana Juice Bloom, Bud Candy, Big Bud, Overdrive. I know the Big Bud and and Overdrive are not organic but i like to a combo of synthetic and organic derived products. For Canna I'm uising Canna Bio Flores, Canna Bio Boost, Canna Rhizotonioc, Cannazym. My question is can I use Cannas PK 13/14 with there organic line, pretty sure I can just seeing if anyone has done that before on here. It's almost start of week 3, took some pics the other day, will post em soon. Any info/advice would be great
  2. Also will probably be using The Guano Company's Budswell on all of my plants, just thought id throw that in there
  3. bump? anyone?

  4. Huh, totally the post I've been looking for. I want to do the organic thing too, but I've been wondering how or if I should ditch AN in the process.

    And I can't imagine life without Big Bud.

    Cool to watch your grow in action......definitely going to pick some things up from this one, I'm sure.

    thanks for the ideas!!!
  5. Sounds interesting. I can't really think of any advice to give without more info and/or pictures. I either gotta assume you know what you're doing, which it seems you do, or that you don't and that's kinda rude. So without more to go on it looks to me like you're doing fine.

    And Motherhugger - AN has a bunch of organic stuff out there. They've got organic base nutes like Iguana Juice, their Nirvana is almost as good as Big Bud and stays organic, and I've even heard rumors that they're coming out with an all-organic Big Bud soon.

    You still lose a little yield going organic compared to synthetic but the guys who are into organic don't mind. And if anyone's going to close the gap between the two it's probably gonna be Advanced Nutrients.

  6. check out my 3 purp kush and 1 lambsbreath sour d grow, thats the canna vs. advanced

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