Advanced Nutrients pH-PPM Perfect questions???

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  1. has anyone been able to comfirm this Advanced Nutrients pH-PPM Perfect ???
  2. I just found this in my exhaustive five minutes of research:

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    [​IMG] Advanced Nutrients PH / PPM perfect is awsome !!!

    My store just got the new formula. They have been advertising the stuff for months and months. Sensi A&B now requires 50 OZ per 100 gallons where I could use 30 ox with previous formula. Wasnt thrilled about that. [​IMG] They did add several items to the mix so it seems they are basically forcing you to buy their other products all of which I wasnt using before. Did the math though and it is still a reasonable $300 for 8 weeks of full strength A&B, Big Bud and Overdrive.

    Does what it says, no need to touch your res with a PPM meter, PH meter or adjust your PH EVER !! [​IMG] It doesnt change the actual PH of your water but rather makes the nutrients available in a huge PH range like 4 - 8.5 [​IMG] Was using their previous blend and had GREAT results with it. I had some Fruity Chronics that yielded me 4 times as much as my soiless version under same conditions, same container size (one gallon) I was also using Ebb and flow so a lot of it is probably due to that. Everything grew incredibly well without a single issue and it was my first ever ebb and flow run. Been doing soil less for 5 years and every single variety I changed over I got the same kind of results.

    2 weeks in with new stuff and havent touched it with PH down or adjusted anything. The plants look VERY VERY good. First 36 hours after switching 12/12 most all my plants doubled in size and that was with only one light period ! Shocked the hell out of me honestly. [​IMG] Were only 5 inch plants to start but still....

    Would also like to add I have been using the A&B Sensi Grow on all my mothers . Every single one I had issues with getting 100% healthy using GH, Pure Blend Pro, House and Garden and a few others are all now 100%. Really dark green and very lush with fast growth.

    I know there are a lot of AN haters but that is my report. Makes things SO MUCH easier then before..........​

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    Well, to me, this sounds like it's starting to come out in the stores now. I know it's been talked about for a while. I guess I need to look for it around here too.

    Always fun to try something which might make my life easier. Finally.

  3. I heard its not very consistent. I wouldn't rely on it to work. Would be nice though that's for sure.
  4. more like Advanced Rip offs....

    save your cash... there are fertz that do the same thing... even better in my OPINION.


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