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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by downsouthgrowin, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Is this stuff really all its hyped up to be? Ive been hearing that this stuff can make wicked buds. Can it be used with other nutrients at the same time? This is the first time Ive ever thought about using expensive nutrients. Is it really worth it?
  2. I would say Connoisseur is absolutely the best base nutrient you can buy.

    As you said, it is also one of the most expensive (it may be the most expensive, I haven't checked). So whether it's "worth" it depends on the grower. Some growers would rather have a smaller harvest of lower quality buds and spend less out of pocket to grow them.

    That's not me.

    But I'm not going to say they're cheap bastards or anything like that - if that's what makes them happy then I'm happy for them. What bothers me is when someone on the other side of the fence starts calling me a dupe or gullible or whatever because I'm willing to shell out for better nutes. Again, if I'm happy why can't they just be happy for me and keep the nasty names to themselves?

    So what I'd say is to answer the question for yourself. There's a money back guarantee on everything Advanced Nutrients makes, and I'd bet that even if you decide you don't get enough bang for your buck to want to buy more Conni you certainly won't be disappointed with what you do get.

    Oh, and it qualifies as a "base nutrient" which means it has everything a growing plant needs, but that if you want to add a "booster" or "additive" to it you can.

    You can grow without boosters and additives, but not without base nutes.

    Just one other thing. Advanced Nutrients advertises Connoisseur as being for expert growers so if you're not decently experienced I'd recommend against using it. A lot of people who say it sucks are newbies who ignored that and didn't know how to read their plants. The bad results they got weren't caused by the Conni, but by their inexperience.
  3. Yea, Im using sensi grow and bloom for my 1st hydro grow. The 2nd one Ill probably use connoissuer. Im using all the boosters and additives on this one too though. I want big yields of huge crystal covered buds. Ive read the directions on the label, it seems pretty basic. Start low, and keep upping the amount. I cant wait though. Im gonna use it to grow pre 98 bubba kush once this grow is under my belt.
  4. Been looking at the pH perfect stuff too. What you think so far?

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