Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur 2-part Fertilizer

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  1. Any updates with this? I too would like to use this in soil.
  2. never actually bought any
  3. I been using it with Rockwool.. 5.6ph and about 1200 to 1400ppm towards last 3 weeks of flowering. seems to kick butt.. I used to use Miracle grow. Im going to be doing an experiment of course.. with miracle grow + super thrive against connoisseur..same mother clones.. started at the same time.. I think conni lets them thrive pretty quick.. but who knows.. you would have to make your own comparison.. I will post results in a couple of months..
  4. Soil is still hydroponics. Growing in peat, coco, saw dust, etc... is hydroponics. Hydroponics doesn't mean just growing in water.
  5. Any proper liquid (GH,Advanced,Canna,etc...)and even powdered (Super Natural Brand) plant food will kick ass on miracle grow.
  6. do i use connoisseur on clones as well all the way thru veg ???
    how many times a week should i feed my plants nutrients ???
  7. some one who knows something about advanced nutrients send me a message please in need of some info !!!
  8. the best thing for clones is roots exel and dip and grow...........
    clones need zero food........they like lower ph and to b kept moist
    i think the conni line is flower only
  9. these are about 6 to seven inch clones i have only had them for 2 days all og ...
    should i feed them just water ??? and around what ph ???
    when should i start feeding them nutrients ?? AND how many time per week should i feed durring veg?
  10. are they rooted?
    if so they are not clones as really just baby seedlings
    if they are not rooted just a rooting compound and plain water 5.5 ph
  11. yes they are all rooted .... what and how often should i feed them ? i am looking to use advanced nutrients . what is a good ppm for weeks 1 thru 4
  12. ud b better off starting a new thread in a diff forum........
    i like 1000ppm in veg and in bloom........u can start at 500 for a week and then straight into 1000
    i like 5.8 ph for hydro and coco and 6.7 for dirt
    once clones root they can handle quite a bit of power as they are technically adults
  13. i know what your saying ... but how often per week do u feed nutes??? in veg ?
    twice ??? or is three too many ?? what stable nutes would u recommend for veg ?
  14. if u keep ur nutes under 1000ppm then u want to feed them everytime they are dry.............
    at 1000ppm ur not over nuteing...........unless ur running soil with nutes already in there
  15. i am using ocean forest as a medium and i have sensi sym and conn a b right now
    im probably gonna pick up some great white myco maddness and some botanicare liquidkarma . thinking of also running bud candy and nirvana all at half recommended dosage during veg ...... im looking for a good healthy regimine for clones and small plants
  16. I use the complete line of Advanced nutes. You can get connoisseur A and B for about $70 however the complete line is pricey. Been using for 18 months and love this line in flower. Watch your ph it will drop like a stone using this stuff. I use dolomite lime to control and keep the ph a 6.5 in soil.
  17. if ur using ocean forest u dont need to add anything but plain water for 3/4 weeks
    on week 4 start adding 500ppm
    1000ppm for veg and for flowering till week 8
    week 8 plain water (flowering last 2 weeks add plain water)
    week 9 plain water
  18. I also use nearly the full advanced line with a few exceptions like protekt instead of rhino skin, etc .. But so far I've only used the 2 part sensi bloom with great results and that makes me curious about the connie..... For me it seems you get what u pay for more times than not, so I guess I'm curious is anyone getting drastically better results with connie and the lineup versus sensi 2 part with the same beneficials/additives and boosters?
  19. after i completely dial in my grow and pick my keepers ill prob do some nute experimentation
    i have bits and piece of diff nutes to use up first though
  20. A friend of mine wrote this for a review site, and I've seen results on other grows with Conni, so I can recommend it. Even though I haven't used it yet:

    "Seems like forever I've been using this general hydroponics three-part fertilizer. I know how it works, that's about the best I can say for it, because its yields are most definitely nothing to write home about. I use a lot of bloom boosters to try to increase it. When Connoisseur came into the store, I was interested, but I had no way of knowing. However what I did was to take a chance and get some and use it on half my crop and keep using the three-part on the other half. Well, let me tell you, after about two weeks into bloom phase it was darned obvious that the Connoisseur was a whole new type of fertilizer. The buds developed faster and bigger and then kept adding size and density like I'd never seen before. I was worried at first that the buds would never stop getting bigger and that my bloom phase might go on for a very long time, but the buds finally stabilized and were ready for harvest right around the same time as they would have normally been. I am now fully converted to Connoisseur and I agree with you that it's the best hydroponics nutrients ever made for bloom phase. I've never seen such bud growth!"

    I just don't want to deal with a learning curve right now, cause I'm happy with Sensi, but it's certainly tempting.......

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