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advanced nutrients and DWC

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by killingyouu, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. I'm looking for some help picking the additives from the advanced nutrient line, There are so many to choose from and im wondering if any one knows a grate combo, I'm currently using sensi-grow. And my last question is at what strength should i add my nutrients for a DWC set up, Im at half and im getting a little bit of a burn that seems to be getting worse.
  2. I have a few things to mention.

    First, if you're getting a little burn you need to back off the nutes right away. If the nutrient solution is too rich the plants will use proportionally more water out of the solution than they use nutes, which actually makes the problem worse by making it more concentrated.

    Second, it's not really possible for someone to tell you what concentration you should mix at. The labels and online calculators give good starting points but depending on your growing conditions you plants will use more or less (usually less) than the recommended amount. You've got to dial it in for yourself and remember that when you change strains, lights, or just about anything else regarding the growing conditions, there's a good chance your plants' nutrient demands will change too.

    Third, the Sensi Grow is for vegetative phase. You probably know that already, but some people don't so I find it better to just be safe and mention it anyway. For flowering you'll want to switch to Sensi Bloom.

    Finally, to the main question: what additives to use, I'd suggest you keep it simple. Get some Big Bud - that's the best additive they make IMHO. Maybe one or two other things. Voodoo Juice is amazing but it's one of the more expensive options they have. Totally worth it in my book but you have to decide that for yourself.

    Just go with a base nutrient a bloom booster and you'll be good. More on top that - if you know what you're doing - can be better but don't fall for the "some is good, more is better" line of thinking. Let your nutrient selection grow along with your skills.
  3. Thanks for the advice, I fixed the problem with a flush and now i'm at 1/3 up from 1/4 and there doing grate. I did go out and buy all the additives that the website suggested to use with the sensi grow/bloom and ya your not kidding with the price on voodoo juice 80$ for 250ml.
  4. 80$ for 250 ml is kind of steep. they're only 29$ in my neck of the woods, and im on the east coast. my hydro store guy ships nation wide (USA) if u like i'll post a link for ya. but anyways thats not what i stopped here for! from day one i've been using adv nutes (along with humboldt roots) and i agree with the keepin it simple thoery! fro vegg i start off with ONLY mother earth grow super tea and humboldt roots, and voodoo juice.then after some leaf dvlpmnt i add sensi grow A/B. for bloom phase i use mother earth bloom super tea, sensi bloom A/B, nirvana, voodoo juice and humboldt roots. this grow im adding final phase for flushing. sorry but i had to mention the humboldt roots, i love that stuff!

    Details\tName\tUnit Price\tQuantity\tTotal \tmgb-phperfect\t'NEW Micro Grow Bloom Base Fertlilizer Package PH Perfect\t$82.35\t1\t$82.35 Size: - 4 Liter Set- - \t \t\t \t\tSub Total:\t\t$82.35\t \t \tShipping:\t$24.12 \t \t\t \t\tGrand Total:\t\t$106.47\t \t \t\t \t \t
    \t\t\t \t\t\t
    You will receive a copy of this receipt by email.
  6. im tired of hearing about the PH perfect line... i pulled the trigger...
  7. #7 markatraat, Sep 25, 2011
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    my pH doesn't stay perfect but I dont think that's the whole deal with the pH perfect line I think more that's its contents r such so as that they will still be usable at any pH level within the normal range 5.5/6.1

    I use the G/M/B pH perfect and the additives in the expert line also pH perfect- voodoo juice,parhnia,B-52,bud candy,big bud,overdrive,final phase,and I have added some liquid carboload sensi-calmg grow/bloom and sensizym at the recommended ratios from the pH nutrient calculator and have had good luck so far

    and I get them from here http://www.advancednutrientsonline.com/ best prices I can find if someone knows a cheaper place I'm all for it let us know

    my only concern has been that they recommend the pH stay at 5.6 and i keep it at 5.8 anyone with more experience with AN have any advice on why they say to keep it at 5.6 and am I hurting my end results by keeping it at 5.8 any advice or opinion would be greatly appreciated
    and sorry if it seems like I'm jacking the thread just looked like a good place to ask my question and put in my 2 cents
  8. Actually the literature says that the pH Perfect stuff will work at basically any pH, not just the usual good range.

    They're saying anything between something like 4.5 and 8 will be fine and the plants won't mind. I don't know that I want to test that myself, but I can say that I've seen pH levels that would normally be too low and not a single sign from the plants that they weren't deliriously happy.

    I've quit checking pH entirely. I don't think I'm likely to ever see it shift enough to actually cause a problem as long as I'm using this pH Perfect formula.
  9. yeah... explosive growth..... im still PHing, but not a single sign of deficiency... pretty happy so far... im considering the don't PH thing, but its pretty hard to just let that go

  10. I was told by a AN tech to drop the pH to 5.6 every 36/48 hrs. and let it rise to whatever it rose to and then repeat just a little FYI and I use the pH perfect so
  11. i'm in a coco grow.... i was just using it to kinda feel things out and have continued to use it...

    I wish it was a ebb and flood... it would be easier... im just catching the runoff and reusing it... the old fashioned way... mega lame... but it appears to hold a PH longer and PH adjustments are harder...

    but you cant deny the growth caused by this nutrient line... I honestly don't even think phing is necessary... thats a wild guess, and im sure it does not hurt to PH... its just a old habit thats hard to kill...

    even though the tech said to PH... im sure he was erring on the side of caution
  12. I think many ppl have a misconception about the pH perfect line its not that it is not necessary to pH but that it unlike other nute lines has many types of each nut. in the mix so that there is a different type of each nut. that the plant can absorb at each pH level

    other nute lines only use 1 type of each nutrient and the plant must be at a certain pH level for it to be absorbed
  13. [​IMG]

    thats not what this pic says... yes i know its small... but a quick search turned this up.... it says exactly what I think it does... no more adjusting, or am i reading that wrong?
  14. yes I have read it all and I have done a lot of research on AN and what they say and how they say it sounds like what u r saying but in all reality its just like i said

    have u ever looked at the pH level they tell u too keep it at?? if u call them and ask they will tell u the same thing they told me

    to bring down the pH level to 5.6 and in 36/48 hrs. repeat that process not worrying how high it goes in between lowering it every 36/48 hrs.

    and yes i will always use it for its high performance its well worth it
  15. I'm beginning to think me too

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