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  1. I was given a significantly different schedule than the bottle recommended schedule for my advanced nutrients line from my local hydro shop and wanted to get some feed back

    First I want to describe my setup and experience

    Medium: readygrow botanicare (coco mix)
    Years growing: 3
    Issues: nitrogen overdose/ calmg deficiency
    Temp: 75-82
    Humidity: 20-40% (low yeah I know, never seen a difference except when too high)
    Ph balanced: no - tried to before but had problems when adjusting. AN ph perfect line and don't see ph problems anyways so not worried
    Strain: LSD & super lemon haze
    Light: 750~1000 adjustable

    Sensi a/b
    Big bud
    Bud candy

    So typically the base (sensi a/b) gets 4 ml/ltr
    The additional supplements get 2/ml. Yes I know how to read a bottle

    The schedule I was giving is way different
    A/b gets 1.5 ml/ltr and eventually peaks in week 4 around 2.5
    B-52 starts week 3 @ 3.5 ml
    Sensi @ week 1 @ 5ml !
    Bud candy @ 2ml (standard)
    Big bud week 3 @ 3.5ml and increases

    So before I've had cal/mg problems which is typical in coco so I added calmg+. That lead to nitrogen overdose (dark leaves and cats claw)
    For any ph nazis - ph controls the absorption of Nutes so if I lowered the PH then it would absorb less cal/mag (I did the research)
    So the more cal/mag I added the worse the nitrogen overdose is

    I fed my plants with this new schedule in week three, the plants were showing the early signs on N overdose (dark and leaves starting to curl under) after the feed I saw a HUGE improvement. Straight beautiful lighter leaves and significant grown.

    Has anyone else strayed from the AN schedule and seen similar results?

    I'm worried about the long term effects cause even with minimal N overdose I've had spectacular results but wanted to improve.

    Thanks fellow growers I look forward to your thoughts
  2. Their tech support told me before that both calmg and mollases can fuck with the pH perfect from working properly,
    that schedule may cause problems
  3. Hey did you ever figure things out with the sensi? I'm using the same nutes and have been having some crazy nitrogen deficiencies. I hope to hear from you.
  4. No molasses in DWC but it may work in coco or promix. You would be better off using just budcandy. It's AN's molasses substitute. It's better in every way. I've been using it for over a year with great results.
  5. A possible reason that every time you added cal/mag you overdosed on nitrogen is that for some odd reason Advanced Nutrients Cal mag + has 4% nitrogen. I use GH calimagic and it's 1% nitrogen. I was low once and almost bought advanced instead until I noticed the nitro count. I definitely don't want an extra 4% nitro with my cal/mag.
    See the 4-0-0 on the bottle. I'm not sure why they do that.
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    If you try to blend in this product you can add way more cal/mag before you get nitro toxic, four times the amount. It's 1-0-0 but has the same amount of cal/mag. At double your current cal/mag dose you would only be half the nitrogen.

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