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  1. Anybody out there who swears by a complete AN nutrient schedule?? I'm one to adhere to the instructions. As I am reading AN's feeding calculator got the "Master Gardener" level it shows a number of ingredients in the schedule than the previous level...anybody out there who uses them all? Any advice? Considering switching from FF to AN but I'd like some user feedback first...

  2. 1. gonna get blasted for this but AN does make great nutes,but two very important things,

    a.if you do not call their techs and get a "personalized" schedule,you will,almost certainly burn the ever living shit outa your babies...their shit is HOT HOT HOT (per bottle instructions anyway)(also their techs are egotistical asses that really dont know THAT much shit) and absolutely DO NOT need all the shit they try and sell you,infact if your dead set on not keep'n it simple,most of their "needed" add ons have better equally well working alternatives for much less
    now this said i have used 99% of thier shit and while they do make a fairly descent product(if used correctly-and by that i dont mean per THEIR instructions).... but so do most other nute companies when used comes down more to grower skill level than nutes and or additives used...
    also i'd like to say that you really should consider K.I.S.S ing it up...ive gotten the EXACT
    same results using a 9 and 10 part feed schedule as i currently do using base nutes plus a very little here and a very little there....
    9/10 if you dont have your shit and your skills COMPLETELY dialed in,your gonna hurt more than help if you start mixing everything under the kitchen sink...specially when shit starts to go wrong
    sorry im stoned and rambleing...long story short...all that shit works...but so does just sensi bloom a/b and a lil potash :smoke:
  3. Yeah, I second the idea of talking to the uber friendly AN tech support staff.

    As a result, I always use about 25% less than the AN schedule says. I mean, that will help diminish burn too.

    You also need to keep in mind that different MMJ is more sensitive than others to nutrients.

    As for whether you need 'all' of the AN nutrients - well, when you're using bundles, I wouldn't skip anything. I only use the Expert level bundle and it's simple enough.
  4. I offer a proven solution for the 3 part! I used to use GH, it was fine but was not impressed. Everyone was talking about AN so I checked them out. when I compared the feeding calculators I found that AN was as sensikid likes to put it is: Hot Hot Hot!!!
    So long story short.... Use AN with the feed Calculator from GH and your golden! Hope this helps.
  5. Been using AN for 3 Yrs and counting. The secret lies in the simplicity. Get your Base (I use Sensi Bloom) + Bloom Booster (I use Big Bud) + Flower Hardener (Overdrive) with that you should be absolutely perfect. If you want to invest in more supplements, by all means I believe it works and they perform as advertise. However I can live with my -3 grams I probably lose per plant. Because I do not use the additional supplements.

    The simple the better. That way you can focus where is most important, your grow area ! Once you feed the roots and pour with the solution, is finish, finito, done ! Nothing more you can do ! However, If you keep it simple you can focus in Air Ventilation, Humidity, Lights, etc. . Your plants will say "THANK YOU with a BIG BUD"

    When we play with too many nutrients problems will arise and unless you know what you are doing, your plants will pay the price as well as your pocket. (SAID N DONE')

    To finalize like the other blade state. If you go by their Calculator, you will FRY your plants. Tried 3 times, justifying "the plant can take it, it was ME" BS ! lol

    Their reference seems like for plants that have been Vegetating for 6 Months or so, lol ! Because, like I said I tried 3 times, trusting the next will take good and I lost yield and money. Just go by the Universal Recipe "1/4&^" (A quarter strength and up)


  6. All statements in this thread are sound advice. I love advanced nutrients and use the full grand master regimen of nutes but YOU should NOT! Not yet at least. I first started with all the additives and burned my plants beyond repair, a VERY costly mistake. What I then did, which I suggest you do, was only used base nutes at approx 3/4 strength. As I became familiar with their effects I began to play with additives one at a time. Through trial and error I can use nearly all additives. These nutes are much more strain specific than others, so your mix must be different for different plants. Growing hydroponiclly, I've had to dump several reseviore's full of nutes, which sucks cause they ain't cheap. If you take your time to learn the effect of each additive you'll be the wiser for your patience. But have no fear, you'll still get solid harvests with base nutes. Oh, by the way, I suggest Grow-Micro-Bloom base nutes. I had a rare molybdenum deficiency which only the Micro would cure. I've since switched from Sensi Bloom 2 part to this 3 part with excellent results.
  7. i use the master kit i feed 1/2 of what it says i have also used gh and i like an better
  8. i alway start low and go high on feeding that way u know what ur stain will take before it burns i never go higher then 1200ppm on my mix try to keep it so they eaat 100ppms a day

  9. Good point. Allow me to modify my previous statement. I feed at 3/4, but I also keep an air temp of 84, CO2 1400 ppm, and have a ton of light. This increases the metabolic rate of my plants making higher nute levels necessary. If this were not the case I would defenatly reduce nutes accordingly. If you are not growing under these conditions, follow homegrow's advice of starting at half strength.
  10. I'm not buying that. I've talked to their tech support MANY a time and not once have they given me bad advice or behaved poorly. I don't mean to point fingers, but I would suggest that people tend to get the type of response they give. I know when I expect someone to be a jerk I'm more likely to have them act like one because I'm going to be more defensive and unfriendly.

    AN's tech support has been nothing but helpful and professional with me.

    As far as burning your plants goes, that will always be 100% your fault. No one can print a label that knows how much your plants will eat, and no one can tell by talking to you on the phone what ppm you should use. That's all you.

    A wise grower ALWAYS starts at a lower dosage and works up from there. That's just Growing 101.

    That's true that you don't need everything, but I have yet to find a single "cheaper" additive that honestly works as well. Yes, there are cheaper alternatives, and some of them are enough cheaper that the loss of yield/quality/whatever is worth it if your bottom line is the most important thing, but in my opinion there just isn't anything that actually works as well or better for less money.

    It's just a question of personal preference. If growing the absolute best plants you're personally capable of is the goal, AN will be the best way to achieve that goal.

    Yes, the skill of the grower is the key to it all. If you can't grow it doesn't matter what nutes you use, the plants are going to suck. BUT nutes do enhance or hurt the results given a specific skill level. A professional race car driver is going to out-drive the average driver if they're both in the same car, but the car is still important. He's still going to be faster in a Ferrari than a Kia. Anyone would be.
  11. lol at the above...sorry bro but as far as im concerned,ive spoken with AN tech support so many times ive lost count,and as far as their american tech staff,well frankly they blow....
    1.they contradict themselves,alot
    2.90% of the ones IVE spoken have a bad ego issue,notice ive said 90%,there has been a time or 2 that ive gotten an intelligent,humble,and helpful tech,but this is by far not the norm
    3.they have little real knowledge of competitors products and therfore resort to shit talking instead of problem solving,hate to break it to you but i called tech support not sales,nuff said is almost like their "techs" are not in anyway connected with AN's R&D dept. or any other part of the company,its almost like their in some call answering center somewhere reading shit out of a little booklet they were given durning training for answering questions about fucking AN....hmmmmmmmmmm wierd aint it???

    ive got established relationships with more than a few nute companies tech depts. and all i can say is although i liked AN's product,their customer service more than lacks something to be desired,and yes i consider any dept. that deals with the public to be customer service (ie: tech dept.):smoke:

    and burning my plants my fault...LOLOLOLOLOLOL...sir your an idiot, you ever think that a "wise grower"might try a couple plants at "bottle level instructions" just to see what a companies "max" level feed schedule looks like???? and yes a bottles instructions are always considered the "max" level,call your buddies at AN and you just crack me up,grower 101, and you talk about attitudes brought to the table,lol bro just lol
  12. Good Thread so far, I like it. Remember most of us based our decisions in our experiences. Just respect each others opinion. At the end of the day is your opinion, nothing more.



    p.s. - I learned how to use the product by trial and error. Never had to call Tech Support. 3 years + and counting.
  13. I agree with a lot of the replies, I use most of the line, Sensi bloom, b52, big bud, bud candy, nirvana, overdrive, sensizym. I also use great white instead of voodoo, and final phase when done.

    If i start to have issues with slimy stuff from the beneficial bacteria I will use zone on my next flush and just kill all bacteria until the harvest is done to be safe. Never had a huge problem, and if I ever did it was my fault.

    Heard that Home and garden aqua flakes and bloombastic would change my life, and haven't tried it yet, but I just got a plug on 45% off all my advanced nutes and now I couldn't switch if I wanted to!!!
  14. agree with most of the others here, dont hesitate to call an, they've been very helpfull the couple of times i called.
    hell, i called them before i ever bought anything from them, and they were awesome, suggesting i do some research on theyre site to learn more about theyre stuff, and call back with more questions as i had them, which i did!
    very helpfull bunch, IMO.
  15. So nutrients give you that much of a problem you have an "established relationship" with their tech support??? :confused:

    Let's leave the childish name calling on the playground please, as we all should be adults here....

    I'm thinking a "wise grower" would start at the base and work the way up watching for signs of burn... :rolleyes:

    The "wise growers" DO NOT start at the highest level...
    But now I understand why you have such an "established relationship" with nutrient companys' tech support... ;)
  16. AN has some good nutes. That being said I would never suggest anyone use them. Why?

    IMHO AN nute line(s) are too complex and have way too many overlapping products. This always leads to confusion especially with new growers.

    It is always interesting to screw around with a sales person in a grow store that sells AN. Just look at the back of some of their different products and see how similar the ingredients are. Find two that are almost the same and ask the salesman to explain the difference.

    If he can, he wins the "bullshit award."
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    I believe most of the growers complicate things by them selves, rather than the MFC. I have seen grows run with just 3 parts (Micro-Grow-Bloom). The results are astonishing. AN is not different than any other MFC. The will sale what they research. Some people will say "AN just copy cat other MFC and change the label. However makes me wonder, is aint't the same principle with every MFC in the fertilizer business. The elements are the same N-P-K traces of Micro nutrients.

    However IMO is the same principle for most stuff in life. There is a reason why some drive Chevrolet and some BMW. It will get you there, however the ride will be different. Me personally I look for smoother ride. That's how I perceive Advanced Nutrients IMPE.

    Last but not least. We are growing Top Shelf, Medical Grade, DANK ... Marijuana. I think most of the people here worry too much about the prices of things and do not focus on the task at hand, like the simple fact, you are growing MJ. What ever money you put in, it will come back to you 10X times.

    Since this morning I feel I little chatty. I will throw some of my own calculations. I use:

    Sensi Bloom -$32 (1L) - I use 8 ml per gallon - 125 gallons
    Bud Candy - $25 (1L) - I use 4 ml per gallon - 250 gallons
    Big Bud - $37 (1 L) - I use 1 ml per gallon - 1000 gallons
    Overdrive - $37 (1 L) - I use 4 ml per gallon - 250 galons

    Total - $131

    I feed the ladies with the solution twice a week. I have 6 plants right now in a perpetual. I water half gallon to each plant. Basically saying I use 3 gallons of solution a week. That is what I use from AN and based on my usage and calculations I do not see how AN is super expensive as most growers point out. In addition the supplements will last forever.

    3 gallons a week x 8 weeks = 24 gallons per 6 plants per flowering phase. Therefore a 125 gallon of Sensi Bloom will last me at least 18 plants (more or less). I personally harvest 2 oz in average per plant. 18 plants will turn into 36 oz. I do not know about you guys. But if you go to a dispensary and buy MMJ up to 36 oz you will pay a lot , lot, lot more than the original investment of $131. After 18 plants my cost will be $32 again. That's it ! Oh come on guys usually we burn $30 bucks in nothing.

    Last but not least. If you are running a commercial grow. How can people complain about the prices, when we are growing MMJ for a living ! I do not know about you guys. But I treat my MJ Plants like one of my own kids. I will always give to my love ones nothing but the best. That's why we work hard to give them what ever they want :D

    Also I use another set supplements that I feel a is beneficial in their on way. However I can tell you I'm shrinking my bottles and I will try it to keep it more simpler.


  18. I agree with just about everything you said, except this one little thing.

    I do a legal grow and I do not sell, although I have thought about becoming a Caregiver and growing commercially.

    None of us have unlimited budgets and many of us, like me, are just cheap sobs! :D Seriously, I look at a grow as a series of systematic balances. The GR environment needs to be in balance as well as your nutrients, etc. It is the same for the finances of the grow.

    The first goal of a grower should be to grow the best bud possible.
    The second is to produce as much bud per plant as possible, without compromising your first goal
    The third goal (IMHO) is to do so using a few resources (finances included) as possible.

    It is only when we have achieved these goal that we reach true enlightenment. :rolleyes: OK, maybe not, but you'll have great bud to smoke AND more money to spend!

  19. True that !

    No worries. you are taking to the Cheap King ! lol However AN or most of MFC are not as expensive as people want it to be, IMO. However the numbers I have here make the balance in my check book.

    This is how I see it. I use in avg. 900W a month. I pay $35 (more or less and this is just the estimation of my LAB) in electricity a month (includes everything in it, light, pumps, fans, etc) plus $32 in Base Nutrients every 8 months. Additives last a lifetime to me. 1 year +.

    $35 x 12 = $420 a year (Electricity)
    $131 + $32 (8 months later) = $163 (AN Nutrients)

    Total = $583 a year (Cost of my Grow with AN)

    I do not sell nothing. All my grows are 100% personal use. However the prices are the prices. if we smoke it, virtually we are paying the price for it. Me for example used to buy 1/2 oz @$200 every 2 weeks. That alone is around $4,800 a year, more or less. You get my idea ! :D

    Now there is something very interesting here. I did this because today I'm by myself, no kids at the house. Therefore I got time to kill ! lol

    1. B'Cuzz A&B = $30
      [*]Dyna-Grow A&B = $38
      [*]Dutch Master A&B = $36
      [*]Flora Duo A&B = $30
      [*]Aqua Garden A&B =$36

    Just to mention a few ...

    This is just to have a clear idea of where we stand when it comes to growing. and nutrients. All the samples I choose were the exact comparison of the same products.

    I do not see how AN is more expensive than the leading brands. For the rest of the supplement or additives I always suggest use your best judgement. There is some additives a little bit too much and then other, just average or lower prices than the leading brands. Just to be clear I'm do not have business ties with Advanced Nutrients or get benefit from this type of posts. However, I like to give credit, whom deserve the credit. That's all !

    Keep it green, grower !

    Best of Luck !
  20. AN are good nutes, just a confusing line.

    I got concerned about the cost of nutes after I bought a used Current Culture system that uses around 50gal of solution to grow 4 plants. I have two grows on the system and I am still dialing it in.

    The base nutes are not the real cost, as you said, it is the additives. I have been doing a lot of research and have come to the conclusion that I could buy some very cheap dry nute for my base bloom and grow. But I am still trying to figure out how to replace some my enzyme and bacteria additives.

    I have actually begin to wonder if I need to do a coco grow and make my own tea, etc. Still figuring this one out.

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