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    Sorry guys.  I just switched from G.H to Advance nutrients during my third week of flower, and I must of read the label wrong because I used Overdrive and its only week 3 or 4, and im not suppose to use it until later on.....This won't create any burn will it?  Also if not is it good to use it this soon?  Oh also along with Big Bud.  SHOULD I hurry and drain my buckets
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  2. I really don't want plants to burn or hermie.  its been almost a full day and cant go into room and renute until the morning.
  3. Hello mate :yay:
    when i used big bud and overdive i used bb weeks 2,3,nd 4 and stopped using big bud then i used overdrive weeks 5.6
    I would check your ppms /ec. both together may be to strong .
    hth .kp :bongin:
  4. yea my ppm's was at 1300 but now there 1400 the next day..  Im about to lower them to about 1300 again.  They say Advanced nutrients use a meter at 0.7 and I used mine at 0.5.  I hope it isn't too high at 1300.
  6. Overdrive won't hurt once or twice no matter what the bottle says to use during week 6.

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  7. man im already done with that batch.....the overdrive didnt do squat.
    actually? that's the product people always tell me to get >.<
  9. well if u try it  let me know

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