Advanced LED light/company reviews?

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  1. I'm looking at getting an Advanced LED Diamond DS400 or 600. I've heard generally good things about them and their lights. Can anyone here confirm? Anyone have any horror stories with them or reasons I SHOULDN'T buy from them??

    If you are an LED nonbeliever, please don't respond saying LEDs don't work. This isn't a debate on LEDs, I am only interested in those who have experience buying from the company and using their lights - particularly the diamond model which is the perfect size for my grow area, although more than I really want to pay. I know for sure based on my experience with 600w HPS that lower electric bills, no purchase of extra cooling fans to vent it and lower long term replacement costs should make up for the cost difference in the long run.
  2. I have never used an advanced led. but if you are concerned about price go find the Chinese manufacturer of the panels on alibaba. They should be half the price there. Most led companies drop ship from china. Some aren't even smart enough to do that. From what I have collected about buyingbpanels is that most companies say they are "backordered" to everybody who orders a light.. Then has it drop shipped. With led panels the middle man does very little work and just reaps the rewards by a markup of sometimes over 100%. I have seen similar looking led models of every brand sold right now.. The magnum+ you can get for 500 roughly shipped (to California). If you can find it
  3. I'm on my third grow with two Blackstar 240w LEDs. I really like them. I believe they use the same OEM as the Advanced lights, but the cost is substantially less. Check them out on eBay. They've worked quite well for me, so far.
  4. I'm running 2 x DS300 in a 3x3 tent (DR90), growing 4 vanilla kush plants in an rdwc setup. I have been in flower since 12/11 so this would be around week 5 or so. So far I am extremely pleased w/ the panels. Prior to my purchase I was looking into Spectras and Magnums.

  5. I know exactly what you are talking about: Link
    Have you seen the per unit price though? They are not cheap (only around 100 - 150 cheaper than the outfits in the US offering warranty). The issue though, is warranty and your ability to replace a panel should it die on you during mid-flower. Having said that, I am going to contact them to see how much I can "learn" from them. The particular link i posted is the exact same as the diamond series from advanced, even down to the LED source (Bridgelux).

  6. I have the 300W Diamond and I like it. It initially came in with half of the LEDs not functioning so I sent it back and they promptly shipped me a new one. They were quick to respond to emails.
  7. The led panels I use are roughly the same as an equivalent air cooled hps set up just about. I can't remember where but I saw somebody else selling the same one.. But with different paint for well over double what I paid for mine.. And theirs was a 2 band model while mine is a 5

    The issue I still have with most panels is that when a part breaks you lose the entire thing.. With the apollo that isn't the case.. Everything is plug and play.. It even has warning lights that tell you when something is wrong. I don't know that they are necessary.. But a nicebtouch I guess.

    Led lighting is a pain to figure out what to buy.. I always would recommend anybody who is a prospective led buyer to read up a bit Growing Marijuana with LED, Growshow
  8. Thanks for the link shadow. I have decided I am probably going to and go with a us distributor even though I'll pay more for the reasons mentioned previously (service if needed, shipping speed/cost to get it and then if anything goes wrong). I'm not planning on putting an order in for another week or two, so I've still got some time to decide. I heard enough 'I got my LED and X was wrong with it and had to be fixed' to be wary of ordering from overseas, even if it is much cheaper... I'll probably do some more investigating before deciding for sure though. I sure would like to get a 5W system but no desire to try to build one myself.
  9. OK, right after I said I wasn't interested in ordering from china, I did a search for 5w led grow lights and found this.... 60 x 5w lights, for the price i could buy 2 to cover my cabinet. Should provide the same wattage as a DS600 but with better penetration

    Quick Details

    Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)

    Brand Name: JCX

    Model Number: JCX-ZWD60*5W

    Power: 60*5W

    Size: 440*280*70mm

    Input voltage: AC85~264V

    Ratio: 8:1

    Wave Length: red630nm and blue460nm

    Working current: 650mA

    Lifespan: 50,000 Hours

    Work frequency: 50/60 Hz

    Inner box: 490*383*149/1pcs

    G.W.: 6kg/1pcs

    Packaging & Delivery

    Packaging Detail:

    Inner box:490*383*149/1pcs,G.W.:6kg/1pcs, Carton box:590*390*332/2pcs,G.W.:13kg/2pcs.

    Delivery Detail:



    60*5w led grow light
    1.3 years warranty
    2.CE&ROHS certificates
    3.input voltage:AC85-264V

    *5W LED Grow Light Detailed Product Description
    1.60*5W LED grow light
    2.Help increase yield of plants
    3.CE&ROHS certificates
    4.3 years Warranty
    5.Input voltage: AC85-264V
    6.Model No.: JCX-ZWD60*5W










    Input voltage




    Working current



    50,000 Hours

    Work frequency

    50/60 Hz



    Working Temperature


    Lighting Area


    Inner box




    Carton box




    Details description
    1)60*5W LED grow light, made by Metal housing, including 60pcs single 5w led .The use of aluminum plate and heat sink thermal profiles to ensure proper cooling of the circumstances to reduce the light body weight. Each star light bead with a regulator, to ensure that in a tube lights bead broken cases other lamp bead can work as usual. Built-in1 PCS 45 W constant current source and 1pcs100Wconstant current source , high performance, low consumption etc.
  10. Any thoughts, any banter, any anecdotes?

    Wake n Bake mode :)
  11. Wow that's a bold statement. That's actually the first bad thing (and i've seen a lot of good mentions) I've heard about them.

    I'm actually considering two of the 60x5w systems above, the apollo light you recommended shadow, and 1 or 2 others... i've got a bit of time since i'm going cfl for veg.
  12. I posted a balanced review on the Advanced LED homepage. It never appeared. Just saying.
  13. I have and am very happy with the 300w Advanced Diamond Series.
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    Not a Advanced Basher many a good grows accross many different forums with them but take a look at these guys.

    E.shine Grow - LED Grow Light, LED Hydro Grow Light, LED Aquarium Light, CREE Aquarium Light.

    If you scroll down there LEDs look exactly like some of Advanced LEDs down to the button placement and way the power cable is routed out.

    You could say they copy Advanced or vice versa but odds are same supplier. Thats how 99% of all of them are.

    LED lights are more similar to computers then then a light bulb. They require cooling, power supply, circuitry. The easiest cheapest way to make it is in China.

    What most do not realize is there is probably 1 or 2 plants that spit all these things out. In the Computer world 90% of all the worlds laptops just about are made by Quanta and Foxconn. Foxconn's main business is everything Apple. Quanta makes HP, Dell, Gateway. All the same inards but different shell based on what the customer inputs. They literally come off the same exact assembly line and we ga ga over HPs or Dell or whatever the hell you bought's design.

    In that world Apple is actually one of the few that design the whole thing..why there a pain in the ass to deal with. HP and Dell are actually given design suggestions down to Wi-Fi Chip placement from say Quanta and HP gives it its blessing. Usually only the shell is designed by HP say.

    Same with the LED world. Not a bad thing but def something people should understand. Chinese make some kick ass gear.
  15. I ordered a DS200 on March 3, 2014 from The Advanced Led Lights and they say that the order was shipped yesterday which was the 6th but I still havent recieved a tracking # and on their website it still says awaiting fulfillment! He told me the Fed Ex truck broke down and it didn't make it too the terminal in time! I'm wondering why it takes 4 or 5 days to ship an order out that was in-stock because I asked i'm just really suspicious if Advanced does get them from Eshine! I asked that guy Kyle if they were the manufacturer and he said yes! I'm not mad if they do I want the American warranty the warranty on the Eshines don't cover the power supply its only 1 year! But I am thinking of buying another DS200 from that guy on Ebay he was trying hard to sell me 1 for like $325 he said its the samething as Advanced and it did look the same except no DS stickers! So I was thinking of buying a par reader and the thing to read the killo watts it uses and see if they were similar and maybe take it a step further and comparing parts like I said i'm just curious!
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  19. I'm using the DS100w from advance and although it's my first indoor grow.. I'm quit happy with the light.

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