Advanced help, clones become dwarfs?

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    Hey guys. I have a clone that is apparently a dwarf. It would be normal looking but the leaves are about 1/3 normal size.

    It is over a month old since rooting and very bushy, just so yall are picturing a twig with two little leaves.

    I am about 90% sure it came from a white widow taken towards the end of flower. I am sorry I cant be more certain, but I relocated in the mean time, lost a couple of clones, and lost track and I am just not positive. The only other possibility is that it is from a #1 skunk, but it looks like a mini-white widow.

    So what is going on here? Is it retarded? Can there be a genetic defect that carries over from just one branch? Is it of any value to me? Or would it just be a waste of flowering space?

    Thanks guys. Hope all of you are well and that your girls are happy and healthy.
  2. Sometimes the new growth on a clone is miniaturized but treat it nice and it should resume normal growth.

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