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    Can we do something to actually make it advanced, it is full of noob questions & tin foil hats.

    Maybe move the plant training section as most questions have to do with training. Its like members are like" I can see the sub-forum header.....good enough. I just post here"
  2. If a thread is not posted on correct section , please report it. 

    don't think you're quite understanding me Gnik..
    it is not just the questions ..but the quality of answers given to advanced questions too. those suffer from uniformed nooblets spouting off "well in my fist (and only) grow i had such and such result, so it is obviously this way for everyone" kinda of bullshit.
    and "spirit of the plant" ? R U  fucking kidding me? . or do plants respond to music & human vibes threads what a fucking joke.
    this entire site is becoming a joke for growers cause it is being run to pacify 18 year old kids it seems . (& maybe that's the demographic that GC sells to)
    you may not notice it Gnik ..but the growers sections have been dying this last year . We've lost a lot of good growers to site problems, and the rest who've booked did so cause of the kids.
    I just think it sucks that I'm pretty much gonna have to go deal with Gypsies site if I want to continue to learn about canna, as this site is no longer cutting edge. And gypsy is a fucking cock who will edit your posts to make him self look if I'm willing to accept that bullshit over this ......... :cry:
    and FTR  we've only got 3 working mods in growing, and they're getting over worked.
  4. Our site's Ninja Assassin has a point, is there a shortage of Mods on here these days?
     I have noticed many many incorrect replies to what would be necessary and important questions only to read that many of these answers are deemed totally fucking wrong and coming from an unsavory sources.
    I endeavor to correct and justify with explanations when required, and report when totally misleading, ....thank you  "V"

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