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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by TooStoned, Feb 24, 2004.

  1. What are some tricks to make plants bud like crazy? ive heard of things where you can prick and cut the plant and it will go into defense mode and bud like crazy. anyone know about that?
  2. HIGH All, mmmmmm me I like the girls to do their own thing.

    Topping the plant will give you more Bud sites...FIM does the same thing..but gives you a few more Bud sites. Supercropping will give extra Bud sites....not Buzzed at the moment so things are slipping in the mind.
  3. Could you explain more on what eacch of those methods are?
    i don't know much about growing, just fishing for tips for a friend
  4. i was just looking for that info.great links except the last one didnt work.can i ask unoit y u leave your plants alone from wat i just red i want to fim my could u not after reading that?cheers laters. jay.
  5. Apart from fimming and topping, bud growth can be boosted by good hps lighting, the right flowering ferts and lots of ventilation. And just like Unoit: i like the girls to do their own thing.
  6. HIGH All, it'll work after this post my friend.....

    AAAHHH woody my across the pond friend..hope things are well.

    The strain we grow we don't have to top or FIM it, it's Mother Nature Busy.
  7. HI

    your right it does work now thanks.

    i have seen your plants unoit and can see why you have stayed with this strain for years and why you dont top or fim them i wouldnt if i was you.big leaves and big buds.

    thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    laters jay

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