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    If you have a flexible budget, and want to ensure your rare & valuable seeds have the best possible start to life, check out this method below.

    Before we go any further, in all reality you can germinate seeds with nothing more than tap water and some paper towels. But if you are a perfectionist or somebody who refuses to cut corners, keep reading :)


    Honestly, budget wise, these items are costly, but are worth every cent.
    If nothing else, at least stick with a Rapid Rooter tray, and get a dome to cover the top to maintain humidity.

    I use a HydroLogic brand RO filter, model "Stealth RO 200" , and with my tap water, it allows me ultra pure at zero TDS.

    one more thing... Seeds sprout without light in a wide margin of temps.

    Proper seed germination happens within 2 to 7 days, in safe temps. from 72 - 88 F.

    The nutrient trio, will give your roots explosive growth, unmatched in the total spectrum of beneficial supplemental food & root zone bacteria. I have compared this RR plug tray with friends results when compared with either a different brand of nutrients (in very small amounts of course), or either just plain RO water. Results move me...actually I critique and demand high (sometimes close to unobtainable) results for what I buy, & trust with my time. Time is money my friends. Hope you all have wonderful results with this recipe or ANY recipe that you like, & your plants like :) Happy growing my friends.... :D :smoke:

    You will need:

    Rapid Rooter Natural Plant Starter

    1 Liter of Reverse Osmosis water (000 ppm preferred)

    1 ml of AN Liquid Piranha

    1 ml of AN Liquid Tarantula

    1 ml of AN liquid Voodoo Juice

    1 small syringe to insure accuracy

    (DO NOT go over 1 ml) and gently yet thoroughly shake each nute container before mix.

    A plastic fork, great for breaking tongs off, perfect for gently pushing the seed in the hole, and pointing the taproot (pointy) side of the seed down.

    **Take a shotglass, and fill with RO water. Use this water from the shotglass, to suck up some fresh water into your syringe, to squeeze back out & cleanse the syringe in this manner, in between fills of each of the 3 Advanced Nute components in your recipe.

    One last note, these products are awesome stand alone, so if you must choice, IMO, priority wise, if I had to pick one of the three, it would Be Voodoo.
    For the bennies, if I had to choose, I would take Tarantula, over Piranha, but just barely, but if you ever get the chance to use the whole "cocktail", .... I'd be willing to bet you'll never go back :D

    Also graph paper or something to keep your seeds marked
    A plastic fork, great for breaking tongs off, perfect for gently pushing the seed in the whole, and pointing the taproot (pointy) side of the seed down.

    Also, set aside one of the cubes to use, to tear very small pieces. Use these to cover the hole & seed after the seed is in place in the cube, facing down. This keeps it locked and loaded with darkness, moisture, humidity, and temp control. It's by nature of the breathable substrate.

    You will want to keep your humidity dome on, and closed until your first set of seed leaves appear. Not the embryo leaves (cotyledons), but after you get a few sets of the distinct jagged real leaves showing, then its safe to vent the dome, or take it off.

    You can leave a cube out, to make it easy for a quick visual inspection of water level. The cubes are organic and have a perfect air to water ratio, so they don't need pre soaking, and there is really no worry of over watering.

    THIS SAME LIST AND METHOD WORKS FOR CLONING, EVERYTHING TREATED THE SAME. You don't have too, but add your favorite cloning gel like normal before you insert into plugs.

    Also make sure your plants have the appropriate T5 or similar florescent bulb ready after the seeds start to break ground, so they don't get too stretched.

    Like i said, this is more or less an expensive way to go, but if you already use Advanced Nutrients, you understand why.

    One more thing, if your able to measure that precise, even at 0.5 - 0.75 ml this method will show a markedly improved result over using only water.

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  2. BS........ Here is a link on starting seeds. I do this everytime and have germed 100s of seeds this way without 1 seed failng to sprout in less than 4 days. I can time them for 65-80hrs i have planted so many seeds on the same routine.

    Guide to Cannabis Germination & Planting of Cannabis Seeds

    And the seeds gets planted TIP UP.

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    Did you seriously just send me a link to Mandala seeds ? :eek: :confused:Wow... Your signature makes perfect sense. Says alot about your need to pre justify how much of a prick you cleary are.

    Go to Greenhouse seeds (ever heard of them ?) and read their germ instructions. They are completely different.. basic and lacking info even. Then go to Barney's and do the same. Same story.... There is no end all be all germ method.

    Oh yea, claiming millions of seeds youve germed or some shit, with not one taking more than 4 must never diversify your strains... and I still don't believe that shit anyway. You throw your rockwool cubes out after 4 days probably.. : smack :

    Ok, Did you happen to read the very beginning, that stated, you can germ seeds with fuckin tap water and a roll of Bounty ??? So what makes you want to read past that ?

    And as far as our tips snafu .... When i say tips down, I assume you know that means the tip of the seed that drops the taproot straight down.

    I named the thread ADVANCED GERMINATION.... not LOOKING FOR ASSHOLE TO ARGUE WITH. The thread is mainly for AN users.

    Plus this same form is 100 percent for clones, and your root zone on your germ methods would be shit in comparison to this setup..... You ever wonder why AN shit costs so much ??

    Same reason a fucking Harley costs more than a plastic crotch rocket. It's better shit. ... Seriously guy... read the beginning of a post before you reply.

    And use what works for you.....If you don't approve of my shit, don't even post a reply. Thats all I'ma say on that.....
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    Yes from mandella seeds and i will post where i want and say what i want and if the information is wrong and misleading its best that others know the truth. If you cant back it up then dont post it as its false and a disgrace to others trying to learn the FAQ.
  5. Newbie guide for planting seeds. Plant them root tip upwards as in the next pic you will see the root emerging and doing a 180* turn.


    Next pic of the taproot twisting 180*.


    Just plant your seeds root tip up and you are good to go.
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    Let's start a new thread... shall we ? I'll use the exact method above .... Germed on the same day ? I got plenty of beans... If my seedlings roots don't look like a box of pasta blew up, I'll delete this shit...

    Manadala... christ.. nice drawing... too bad that shit don't go down like that in a non soil, organic cube.. If it did, by that shallow ass drawing the taproot, would push the plug covering off prematurely, exposing it to light on the wrong end.

    I dunno what kind of seeds your getting but all that Vital energy in mine, drops tap root straight down, another advantage of a non soil, bigger air to water ratio, and gravity. Keep putting your seeds in dirt, and surfing for shit to "prove me wrong".... I am a hydroponics guy, keep your dirt.

    Excuse me while I go admire my tangerine dream, and super lemon haze... The buds are starting to get frosty... I guess that means I germed them wrong .... damn.... :( Wait, aren't those some of the best strains in the world ?? Hmm... Mandala who ? Have fun with your seeds, I'm sure the smoke is good... Excuse me I have 2 actual grow rooms to tend too... Now go surf for your next attack.

    Your call ... I'll germ the same day as you, there's no way in hell you are going to duplicate the root mass and vigor. As soon as you said you have never seen a seed go longer than 4 days without popping, I quit reading your bullshit.
  7. One more thing.... your "newbie seed germination " info, happened to end up in an ADVANCED germination thread. So take that shit, and go start your own NEWBIE germination thread. This is a high dollar affair... Ive been an outdoor grower since 1998...Switched to hydro for obvious reasons... don't try to come in here and argue with me... at least have your own fucking grow if you do.... Your probably another book worm, High Times junkie, who has read it all, but never applied shit... You got alot of catching up to do bro..
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    It's getting hot in

    Glad to hear you have a way to germ that you really like. I think everyone needs that. Find what works for you and stick with it.

    Just an FYI- I place the seed(s) under my tongue for about 10-15 min before I plant them.

    Then put them in Root Riot cubes(soaked in Clonex brand clone and seedlings nutes).

    My seeds sprout in an average of 36-48 hours.

    My slowest germination time using this method was 4 days.

    My fastest was >24 hours. Completely honest. Seed was a fem'd Moby Dick(Dinafem) ordered from Attitude. I planted it around midday, and by the next morning, it was a 1/2" tall already. Truly not something you see everyday.

    btw- cubes sit in a humidity dome, with a warming pad and 125w 6400k CFL 12" above the dome.
  9. :laughing: fucking idiot...moving on

    Hey when doing clones do you push them in to the cubes so they are planted firmly? or just kind of let them be loose. Im having 0% rates with clones for some reason and trying to figure out why. Might try adding the nutes to the water next time.
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    Get root riot cubes. They have small holes and hold clones firmly.

    Use Clonex gel and cloning/seedling nute.

    Clone properly, in a propagation dome with warming mat and CFL lighting.

    I have a 90-95% success rate.

    Clonex is your friend. :p
  11. Good looking Pedro. Yeah I used a dome and heat mat and gel will look into clonex and nutes.

  12. Stick the clones firmly, any loose ones, can be tightened by taking one cube and pulling it into small pieces, and use those to stuff in the hole, if you need to "tighten" them in the cube .... and make sure whatever your using to cut , scissors, razor, etc... is dipped in alcohol or peroxide and sterilized before use... I like the disposable scapels, you can get in individually wrapped packs...

    They are cheap, and work better than scissors, you can insure that perfect 45 degree angle on your cut.... just a thought... keep up the good work...

  13. That's sweet, i wish they would all do that... i have a Dinafem Moby i been wanting to germ.. hope mine pops that fast :D
  14. quick question about the whole root tip thing... i can see why that would apply in some hydro mediums, but assume for coco i treat it like soil? i've been involved in growing for a minute, but wanted to set up my own thing and im currently on my first grow and i chose to do a pure coco grow. to me, the way i planted the seeds didn't seem like a big deal, but im already seeing the difference in growth on some of my babies.... so i guess my question is (in coco) which ones did i plant correctly? up or down? lol

    im just curious... seeing as how my first set of babies all grew well anyway im not that worried, but i would like to help them where i can, you know?

  15. Let me be honest here... i have never used coco before. I would love to try it, but have to save some coin. So in this case, I would probably just lay them on their side.. lol. Either way you look at it, the taproot is looking to grow straight as she can to water... Any restrictions in the media, can alter that of course...

    I like how you said "you want to help them where you can" , and that really is the only way to have grows your going to be proud off... Great way to look at it.
  16. Ya don't listen to haters.  i tried this method and tbh, i won't go back. I've even seen some of my feminized seeds pop up in 36 hours or less.  thanks again man. for every 1 hater, theres always 100 more followers.

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