Advanced flowering stopped, colour stains on leaves

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  1. Hello, my Moby Dick Auto (not the original one, but also big plant) was doing very well, and growing fast and vigorously.
    It is flowering for 6-7 weeks and developed lot of big (for auto strain) flowers, but from about 10 days I don't see any progress.
    I know this is slow level, but I had quite a lot of plants, so I can see the progress.
    Some of the leaves have yellow irregular stains. (blue light is turned just to make them more visible)

    She is still getting Terra Bloom with NPK and PK 13-14, so defficiency is quite unlikely (except micro).
    She grows under Viparcspectra 600 W, was under both lights on, an some her leaves where curling, but she kept growing fast. Now I am turning blue veg lights off for most of the day to not stress her by temperature (keep only bloom).
    She is close to lamp, but I used to grow plants this way, and had no problems, it will be really hard to try put LED even higher. She is not foixtailing, or making new pistils on top, so it doesn't seem like heat stress.
    Leaves are stiff and quite hard. But she is getting about 1,5 l every day (9L hercules airpot) and I know how her look when she is thirsty.
    Please help me, because this buds are like frozen for more than week :)

    Violet photos are taken: first one - week ago, second one - now. IMG_20190710_182312 — kopia.jpg IMG_20190701_191545_HDR — kopia.jpg IMG_20190706_135755 — kopia.jpg
  2. Might be a cal mag issue. Also check pH run off. Unbalanced pH levels will cause your plants to stop eating.
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  3. Is this possible if I am checking pH every watering? Mostly I set it beetween 6,2-6,5.
    By unbalanced You mean changing with every watering (I grow in soil)? Or to high/low?

    I also was thinking about nutrient lockout, because I use them quite a lot (not more, than written on bottle, sometimes even 1/2 but with every watering). Buut I have mycorhisae, and also at least 6 types of ground bacteria (I used special tablets), so they should break molecules fast.
  4. I have just watered her with cal-mag. Checked run-out - 6,6 pH.
  5. Helps if pics are in natural light to tell what's wrong. Can't really tell that way.
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  6. looks like calcium deficiency pal lay off pk and boosters just use cal mag. the boosters and pk cause problems if you add to much which can lock out calcium even if your using a cal mag supplement be wary of that. you might think your going to los out not using them but your buds arnt goimg to put on weight without calcium. flush your medium and add cal mag and base feed to 1.2 ec ph 6 - 6.2 (6.2 better for calcium.

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  7. maybe its your leds actually... lights that are to strong/close will cause deficiencys like that aswell

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    Ok, thanks. I will stop this nutrients, and go just Cal-mag few days, we will see :)

    Stains are not caused by light, because they are also on leaves out of LED reach.
  9. How long will it take to recover? Yesterday I flushed, and than watered only with calmag, today also.
    I just want to know, when I will be sure was this a calcium deficiency :)

    I also have strange thing - searched internet, but found nothing about that...
    My plants are under electricity! When I touch them I fell electric shock (not super strong, but a bit painfull). I checked few times, and I am sure they are electrocuting. I thought some cable was broken, but they are under voltage even if all are unplugged :O

    Can plants produce such strong electricity? I think it can be about 5-15V.
    I know they are producing some electricity, but not that strong. Is this a problem?
    Maybe they are be fighting this way between them? They have small area and are very bushy...
  10. Ok, it came out it electro was cable issue.

    Should I remove mostly yellow, affected by defficiency leaves?
    And what if I am giving her just water, Cal-Mag, sometimes sugars and enzymes (Nirvana), she started to developing further, but some leaves become worse covered by stains? Is it normal, or I should shange something?
    Water pH 6.0 - 6.5

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