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  1. Agarwood is a very valuable forest product. Because of its effect on feng shui, spirituality and medicine. When the incense stick is cut in the form of drops of water to create pure beauty and elegance. Interlaced is 9 round seeds are gilded shiny gold, creating a harmonious combination of incense and gold grain.
    The An Phu frangipani necklace is suitable for those who like lightness and elegance.
    When wearing a teardrop bracelet, it will not only make you look beautiful, but will also make you more confident.
    The aroma of the aroma bracelet is soothing, soothing, comforting and stress-relieving, and will help you dispel the impetus, the gas that attracts the air and the fortune to the owner.
    Golden interwoven interweaving creates elegance and durability with time.
    When wearing an embroidered bracelet reminds us to always be compassionate, tempered anger makes life more gentle, fun.
    Especially when combined with feng shui with bracelets will create good luck in life, help the owner in the faculty favorable, advance in work, business easy, ...
    When wearing bracelets you should avoid direct contact with water and chemicals smell.
    Agarwood An Phu will design and produce when ordering. Therefore, the bracelet will be designed according to customer requirements because it is only for each customer.
    An Phu Incense is committed to providing perpetual scent.
    Customers are free delivery and check the product before receipt.
  2. I've seen jewelry made from animal feces before, like earrings made with moose shit. Still, that necklace looks okay, how does it smell? And "guilded shiny gold" means gold plated which means crap.
  3. If only I had a 100,000 bat

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