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  1. I have some questions or wonder if anyone has any general experience with compost tea both in veg and in flower. I have been really only using tea in veg and want to move some of these practices over to flower. I am doing a hydroponic setup. Using a flood and drain method on botanicare four by four trays draining into a 40 gallon res. I'm using 6x6 rock wool cubes. And when the plants are in veg I am conditions the rock wool with a compost tea to introduce beneficial to the sterile medium. Basically the formula that I am using now is 1 cup of earthworm castings and 1 cup of humus soil to a five gallon bucket and aerating it for about 30 hours. I also add 1 tablespoon of full power fulvic acid and 1 tablespoon of rock dust and 1 tablespoon on Brit molasses. After it brews I add 2 teaspoons of sea green and then finally I add great white according tithe directions. I find this makes a really good fouler spray and then also makes the roots freaking explode better than any root tonic you can use. It also pretty much insures as long as you haven't had it yet no powdery white mildew. So should I use theis formula in flower? Or is it going to be to high in available nitrogen? I know that bat guana of certain types are supposed to be good in a flower tea but do I still add the earth worm castings? The rock dust has over 90 elements and I doubt that would really matter as I really just use that all the time anyway in small doses. I'm not just solely using teas I'm using advanced notes ph perfect sensi base and some of there amendments. So what's the input does anyone have any suggestions for a flower tea?

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  2. By the wAy I top feed the compost tea in veg and drain to waste in veg I don't recirculate like I do in flower. I more than likely will be adding the compost tea every week after I top off that way it's not recirculating in the resistor for more than a couple days before I change the water.

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    There aren't many (any?) "organic" hydroponic gardeners here.  We prefer to grow in soils of our own crafting.  "Advanced notes ph perfect sensi base and some of their amendments" will not register with anyone around these parts.  When it comes to true organic cultivation practice, you're "faking" it...
    Build your own soil.  It's much easier, and cheaper. 
    Trust me.  You're creating more work/heartache for yourself than you need or want...
    I too would be interested in seeing a journal made of this experience.  :D  
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  4. I dont really like soil i have tried it and jsut didnt click with it.  When I do Indoor I want complete conrtol. I just use the tea for supplmintal. I have however tried a whole grow with just tea and it worked but not as nice as with the organic liquid nutes I know that its not 100 percent organic but I must say that Adnvacned Nutrients uses a process for there PH perfect technology that is damn near organic because of the chelated process. IDK though I just never liked soil for indorr but that is just me to each there own. I do however do a soil outdoor grow every year and I think the taste for my strains that I am growing is pretty compable. Not to get off topic here do you have any recomendations for flower tea? I havent really had a journal up But if you guys want on up I will defintly through one up . I have been at this for a long time. I really jsut mix and match diffrent methods but for now im in a semi commercail method that why I am using the sterile medium in hydroponic I know that organics is the way to go from all the years that I have been doing this because it increases the Bio avability to the crop and is way more forgiving I can share some other stff with you uys if you want. I have alot of diffrent stuff that i have ben doing throught the years.
  5. All of you guys that are doing Organic you should check out a company called Benificial Biologics. They have alot of ammendments for garding that are 100 organic and are complete game changers.
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    Chelation in and of itself has nothing to do with organic growing. Nada. Nothing.
    You can chelate using organic processes but Advanced Nutrients is as far from organic chelation as possible. Look at your labels and you'll see that they use EDTA - Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid
    ​Just keeping' it real...
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    1. Their products are not certified organic
    2. Reconstituted powdered seaweed extract isn't anything new much less a 'game changer'
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  9. Im glade to see that you all are guru s here. i didnt say they where certified. There just alot closer than some people are out there. I hate how everyone in weed growning alway always is like this you guys get way to offened. i wish you all the best and hope that everytime somone trys to help you you dont look for a reason to trump them. holler
  10. What a joke. I cant believe that people are like this. Beginners? Is that supposed to be some smart ass joke Its funny you all fucking act like you know everything im jsut trying to offfer some advice and you cant even tell me about what the fuck im asking about flowering tea? You would be so inclened to stop with the jabbs and just tell me because despite this bullshit i still would like to gain some of your  knowladge. Adnved nutes isnt organic there just close so is cyco. On there base do they have no organic stuff yes are they raw chemcicals no.... chelating SO can you please tell me about the fucking flower tea?
  11. We got a live one!
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    Don't get your panties in a wad, bro'.  :)
    We understand the microbiological interactions that happen in living soil systems.  We also understand what materials are necessary to provide the full range of nutrients that are needed to get plants through a whole growth cycle (and then some).  That's why you were graciously directed towards forums that are geared more towards your own method of growing, i.e. bottled "nutes". 
    "Flowering teas" don't compute around here.  The very idea is rather moronic to anyone that grows in organic soils and understands how they work.  We mix organic materials up and let microbes break it down into soluble forms of plant available nutrient.  Plants take what they need when they need it.  No "veg" or "flower" teas needed.  You will NOT realize any beneficial "flowering" nutrients by brewing any kind of tea.  Top dress with an EWC slurry if you feel that your plants are "lacking"...
    Your "advice" is shit when it comes to the cultivation methodology around here...
    I invite you to stick around.  Read some of the pinned posts, and do some research.  You might actually learn something about growing plants, in general, not just cannabis...
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  13. Sounds like a hydro store employee. :laughing:
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    And you want help after talking like this? You were directed to the people who can answer your question as Wak told you but for some reason you missed that as well. Spend some time on or Merriam-Webster as your spelling is horrific and your manners are worse! :rolleyes:
  15. Probably part of a comprehensive and thorough management trainee program...
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    This is how I envision it:
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    There's no such thing per se. Some folks have a different perspective. Perhaps, but not necessarily, a flowering tea made from kelp. It's a good K source and in any good gardening protocol for indoor cannabis keeping N in ratio to K (1:1 ratio) is not only important to overall plant health but kelp is a good source of balance N:K.
    That said, you should mind your tone if you want anyone to help you with anything moving forward. Most of us in this forum specifically don't take kindly to people getting pissy and cussin' at "us". If you can understand that then maybe you'll have something to contribute. Otherwise, probably not.
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  18. Speaking of Cyco 'nutes' which is pronounced 'psycho' and it could be the most appropriate name out there. I mean Advanced Nutrients is neither.
    At any rate this company is out of Australia with a 'nute program' complete with a 'dosing guide' but to get you started you can buy their Cyco Platinum Pro Starter Kit at Amazon for $203.88 (with free shipping!!!) that includes everything required to grow a grandiose garden
    I don't spend that much in 2 years......
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