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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by itty53, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. First, I posted this here because I figure only people who've been growing a while and experienced an array of strains may know the answers to these questions.

    I know how to make Hash. I can make some damn amazing hash, perfect, Amsterdam-Shop Quality. I use an BubbleBag (8 Bag, 5-Gallon) system. I've fashioned a large tub for the trim and use PVC+Shop-Vac to hyper-aerate it and it does a damn fine job on large batches with small bags. I have produced 100%, A+ Full-Melt bubble before, and have learned time and time again that unless the crop itself was damn near perfect, the hash won't be either. I have begun pressing it with a 'Piecemaker' press.


    There are two things I have yet to determine and I'm pretty interested in trying to figure it out.

    First, I have never, ever, seen something that looks like the amber-clear goo with gold flecks all over it (see any Bubble-Bag ad). Is this a strain, or is it just a gimmick, or am I just misinterpreting?

    Second, I have found that the grade of hash that is 'full-melt' is also very, very hard to press, and when you DO manage to do so, it loses it's melting quality and burns just like any other piece of hash. Is this just the down-side of pressing or is something going wrong in my practice?
  2. well I can tell you that the yellow golden hash that's like a goo is made through a proccess using butain, Sorry my spelling sucks. but what they do is get like a turky baster a pyrex glass pan and a screen. you have double boil the glass pyrex pan to keep it warm but not hot. (becarefull because if you have an open flam your about fuck your about to fuck your self if you not well ventalated. you fill the glass turkeybaseter by pulling of the rubber top, fill it with dank for quaility hash. put your metal screen over the spot were the rubber part was. flip that baster up side down and put the can of butain in the little end of the turkey baseter and empty the whole can through the baster and let the liquid butain flow in to that warm glass pie pan. thats like such a half assed explanation please dont just do what I said but google "Butain Hash" and find some good detail instuctions that come with pictures because it is such a sensitive and very dangerouse process. be ware of the danger.....
  3. Yeah I've made honey oil too. I use a large 3" PVC pipe with caps on either end, one hole in one end, and 5 in the other. I have made some amber colored oil before with that particular system, however, I have yet to see some sort of crystalline mix or blend of two different colors.

    And I assumed this was made using BubbleBags? Honey Oil doesn't involve filters at all.

    And why do you do this over a heat-plate? I do it outside, let the air evaporate the butane. Hell you can do it in the snow and it'll still boil away in a few minutes. The heat plate is just impatient and yes, highly dangerous.

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