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  1. so I just got my pH perfect 3 park set ibnobthe feed chart on site but does anyone use and have a suggestion on feeding in dwc thanks
  2. Most fertilizer companies recommend the maximum amount of fertilizer that won't kill our plants.
    But that usually leads to unhealthy plants.
    A better strategy is to use half of what is recommended on the bottles, and only increase if leaves aren't green enough.
    My opinion is that nothing is needed except base nutes.
    Google Vapor Pressure Deficit to learn the best values for temp and humidity.
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  3. While I've little experience with that specific brand, I can tell you that following their feed chart will more likely than not be detrimental to your plants. Start low, at rougly 25% of the bottle's recommended dosage, and work your way upwards until you notice that on a daily basis, the PH is dropping and PPM's are rising. That will indicate you've gone too high. Good luck. :)
  4. Excellent advice.
    Don't harm your plants to increase fertilizer company profits.
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