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Advair and Marijuana

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TerrBear, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. I haven't been on these forums in a long time, but hey im back :)

    Recently I just started smoking mj again after a long 7 month break from it. I sold my pipe because it was too harsh for me, I do have severe asthma. I started smoking again, and I just bought a small waterpipe to see if that would be less harsh for me. I do get nice big hits off this thing, and it is less harsh, but I still get the same effect the night and day after I smoke, which is really bad chest tightness due to my Asthma. I have been prescribed advair for my asthma just recently about 2 months ago, and it really works well for me so far. My question is, would Advair be a bad combo when smoking mj and then later using my advair to help chest tightness? I also use an Albuterol inhaler, but I only use that if I really need it, and lately ive been using it again because of my chest tightness due to smoking mj. I really want a vaporizer but they are just too darn expensive.

    Thanks guys, Im looking forward to your thoughts.
  2. make a lightbulb vape
  3. my roommate has asthma and is on advair(along with a shit ton of other rx's for it), and smokes. i don't think he's had any problems
  4. I have mild asthma and I also am using advair. Smoking has never really harmed my asthma or lungs in anyway, infact they feel alot better.
  5. Perhaps try cooking it whenever possible?
  6. Have you thought about looking into a vaporizer? There is a guy on ebay that frequintly sells Digital Duel Ceramic Element Vapeorizers with 2 whips, both elements can be worked independantly so if one ever goes out you got a backup built right in... There usually somewhere between $50.00-60.00 dollers.
  7. I have asthma and I am a daily :smoke:. I used to have Advair, but I couldn't stand it.. that nasty ass powder hitting the back of your throat.. gross. After smoking I usually take a puff of my Albuterol inhaler, and my breathing returns to normal. I doubt Advair would be any different.
  8. I wouldn't use Advair at all. The side effects often make asthma worse.
  9. damn i got the same problem...i wanna start on my old advair but idk if i asthma got much worse from weed
  10. Yeah a vaporizer is really what I want, pure THC should be amazing for asthma. Ive always been skeptical about using my inhaler right after smoking because the heart rate goes up from smoking, and the inhaler also makes your heart rate go up.. so i always think about heart attacks haha.
  11. Its funny cause I just got my Advair for a cough i'd have for 4months now... and well weed is a large part of my life.. and i thought i would be shitty if these two cant mix.
    but even with a bong is it ok to mix? like no vap
  12. Go to a local flee market I found a pretty nice vape for $50 that worked like a charm
  13. you just gotta get your lungs used to smokin mj again.

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