Adv. Nutes Ph Perfect question.

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    Has anyone here ever actually used the PH perfect line from advanced nutrients? Im mostly looking to find out if it really works like advertised, and will it continue to do so even if i dont have RO water. They claim anywhere between 4.5 and 8.0 being base water, and if so its fire and forget, you have no need for a ppm or ph meter whatsoever. If this really does work like that, it would be majorly benificial to me as a new grower, and would justify the price tag. If anyone has ever used PH perfect please let m know how it worked for you. I emailed an online distributor of AN ph perfect, and they said that only about 1 of every 25 people they sell it to comes back saying it didnt work like it was supposed to. Thanks for the help in advance:smoke:
  2. I use it... I love it...

    I'd say its a major benefit to new growers... and there are other threads like this... maybe three weeks old...

    I might cheat a little and Ill tell you how...

    I use the PH perfect line, and nothing more(about to change that).... I mix my nutes in my ebb and flow on sunday.... top off each day with water keeping the water at the same height... and mix a new batch the following sunday...

    I never PH... I did in the beginning, more work than it was worth...

    but I have Coco is smart pots... and I think the Coco helps out alot...

    So I'd say its a great product and works as advertized... but I would take my story with a grain of salt because I use coco which is know to stabilize a PH level...

    its not that much more than any other nute i've used... for me, the lazy grower, its a great product and I gladly pay more for less work...
  3. [​IMG]

    this is my ebb and flow... maybe four days ago... the burn is from the light getting too close... there are some burn spots from the nutes... I think those were caused by the full strength nutes once the third node was out...

    like I said... everything with a grain of salt, what works for me might not work for others
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    yeah thats kinda where im sitting, but i'll be doing it in DWC bubble buckets, and paying more and doing less work is what im about, it will give me time to cater to the real things with my plant, like perfecting my scrog, and carefully tieing back leaves or trimming if needed. Those sort of things, that i'll be more apt to put more time into if im not having to do ph and ppm measureing, adjusting, and calculations.

    Yeah ive actually read a few of the other threads, but in the ones i stumbled across you were the only one giving it the green light, i was hoping to get a few people. I know its a new tech, which is why im so sceptical, but also why it makes sence that everyone hasnt started useing them. If they really work like they say, and other companies get the tech figured out, the price will drop to competitive rates and i think everyone would start using it all the time. Beause if you really dont need a ph or ppm meter whatsoever.. i mean.. thats like going from VHS to DVD , lol its just gonna slowly transition to only ph perfect. This all said hoping it works flawless in dwc. My main thing is i hear they only 'guarentee' it if you are useing RO water. Id prefer to stick with my well water lol.

    So when you say you use the ph perfect line and nothing else, you mean no additives, like you just use something like Sensi grow A+B for veg and Sensi Bloom A+B for bloom, both the ph perfect ones, and then no additives? Or do you mean the full line, like hobbiest, expert, pro, master, or w/e cus that full master is like 700 bucks. Id like to just use Sensi ph perfect stuff with Big bud, Bud candy, and maybe one of the root enhancers, B-52 is it, or overdrive, i forget. or voodoo juice.. lol i need to research aditives more. lol

    Anyone else used PH perfect? perhaps in hydro? with well water? bah im probably gonna have to break down and buy a RO filter.. lol RO probably will be better for the DIY aero cloner anyways
    64 dollars... now your R.O. water is taken care of for a while... get the fitting that comes with this R.O. unit that works for your house... so make sure you get the correct part at the time of purchase...

    R.O. is the only way I grow now... I've had too many problems... you'd need to know whats in your well to know if what you have will work... some have no problems... others are battling nothing but problems... to me its only 64 dollars.. and I like to drink clean water... and like you said, good for the aero system

    Advanced Nutrients PH PPM Perfect Bundles Grand Master Expert Hobbyist
    I got the second one from the bottom... GMB... thats all i use... the 1 liter set is only 35 dollars... shipping is the bitch...

    I got the 4 liter set.. worked out to like 120 dollars with shipping... got it in about a week...

    and like I also previously stated... I will be switching... I will be following the flowering schedule that is found here
    Advanced Nutrients Calculator, Hydroponic Nutrient Solution, pH Perfect Nutrient Calculator

    currently im only using GMB... but im thinking other things will be needed in flowering that I did not have with just the 3 part.... If all i have to do to get a superior product with almost no work on my part..... Ill pay the extra...

    not too many people see an advantage with AN... to them it seems more costly, I've seen threads that break down a comparison between GH and AN and how many grows you get per ML... it was so close it was just ridiculous... but I believe(this is a old thread) the reason AN was so close is because their nutrients were suppose to last longer with their feeding schedule... don't quote me, thats what I pull from memory

    whatever you do, just make sure you happy with your purchase... thats really all that matters... I've been screwed over with so many car purchases its not funny... but I always felt that driving all those cars were worth the money i spent... if I felt like a sucker, I was... if not, I was awesome ... its all a point of view

    As far as the PH perfect nutrients... AN is not the first to win this race.. In fact i hear their kinda late, but where they do win is.... they market that they have "PH perfect technology"

    one last thing... AN's hotline should tell you that even though they have the technology you should still monitor PH and still adjust down every three days... it was documented in another thread... I just don't do it... so, grain of salt...

    good luck either way... if you do decide to purchase PM me in case i miss it... I'd love to follow along
  6. Awsome, this i good info to have. Id likely still be checking semi regularly in the beginning cus im a sceptic. But i think i can avoid the expensive ph meter purchase, and just stick with the test strips for now.

    So the 3 part i can use in veg as well as bloom? i know how stupid of a question that seems like lol i just wanna be sure. As where with sensi id need to buy seperate for veg. I was avoiding 3 part cus.. well duh.. 2 part sounded easier, but thats a spot that id rather it be easy on my wallet.

    I think if i do this route, i will either 1. get base ph perfect - big bud, and bud candy.. or 2. just buy up to the expert bundle.. to get the b52 , overdrive, piranha and final phase as well

    Thanks for the help / advice
  7. voodoo, big bud, b52 and overdrive i will be adding this flower.... I have yet to order... and unless i can find that those are PH perfect as well i will be ordering locally

    with my grow im chopping wednesday morning I felt that there were things missing with the 3 part that the additives might help with... its a gamble.. but i don't mind... I like the response so far as well as the little maintenance, or lack there of

    but as far as having a good meter... it always helps... I know what my PH is doing as well as my PPM... I've watched it climb and fall enough times to predict whats going on... I would highly recommend a solid meter purchase... they help... especially when your knee deep in problems and looking for answers
  8. well it has always been part of the plan but id be sticking to strip tests till after the first grow, if i use ph perfect. because if im buying a meter i want it to be a great one, not even just a good one, so i really dont wanna spend that extra cash , i already have a ton of expenses. Problems im hopeing to avoid by doing alot of preventitive things, nothings perfect but ive put alot of thought and research into this grow , 3 months and counting, probably cant plant till febuary. So we'll see , maybe i'll learn a very expensive lesson and have to start over with even more costs, but thats a risk im willing to take i think. So long as the ph perfect can keep my res steady for 7 days at a time im happy lol And the additives will do alot with helping prevent problems. Expecially since i think im going to start with Sensi grow PH perfect A B, and Sensi Bloom ph perfect A B, Voodoo, Big bud, b52, Overdrive, Bud candy, Piranha , and Final Phase
  9. I've been using AN 3 part (non ph perfect ) for a few grows, and have had very good luck, just got the sensi bloom perfect so I cannot say how well it works just yet.

    For DWC I found voodoo was not very beneficial (left slime), have not used piranha but I have fewer problems keeping my buckets sterile.

    Did a comparison on last grow and big bud did increase the buds by 20-30 percent. Bud igniter did not seem to do much so I won't be buying it again.

    You might think about going with big bud and overdrive or bud candy not both, I have had better luck following ANs calculator.

    I also don't use b-52 anymore, if you flush with plain water for a week you don't need final phase either.
  10. [quote name='"mile"']I’ve been using AN 3 part (non ph perfect ) for a few grows, and have had very good luck, just got the sensi bloom perfect so I cannot say how well it works just yet.

    For DWC I found voodoo was not very beneficial (left slime), have not used piranha but I have fewer problems keeping my buckets sterile.

    Did a comparison on last grow and big bud did increase the buds by 20-30 percent. Bud igniter did not seem to do much so I won’t be buying it again.

    You might think about going with big bud and overdrive or bud candy not both, I have had better luck following ANs calculator.

    I also don’t use b-52 anymore, if you flush with plain water for a week you don’t need final phase either.[/quote]

    Rep when I get to a computer
  11. I think its great that a company has made a product that takes all the guess work out of growing.this way there will be less educated people in the world ya!!!!!!!! oops I was feeling sarcastic had to.
  12. My AN PH Perfect 3 Part is on the way with some B52, so unfortunately I wont be able to really comment for a little while still.

    Shipping was about $40.00 for my order, which I thought was surprisingly Low considering they are coming from Cananda, and as Tihspeed told me in another thread, they do ship same to next day, and are scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. So it only took a week (with a weekend in the way)..
  13. I think the AN Nutrient calculator is broken because it tells me to use 400 ml of each product for every week if I had a 100L res. My res is 57 L so I put that in and it gives me 228mL. The problem is all cells read 228mL. It says to use 228mL of each product even in the last week of flower. This contradicts the info at the bottle, which is the info I have been using.

    Can someone double check the site for me please. I have a 57L res.
    Advanced Nutrients Calculator, Hydroponic Nutrient Solution, pH Perfect Nutrient Calculator

    I just switched to AN jungle juice 3 part. I am in my first week of veg, and I noticed decent results. Although it was cheaper than GH 3 part. It is harder to mix because of the way they tell you mL per 100L instead of mL per gallon. But that's peanuts compared results.
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    Id love to hear what you think about PH perfect once u use it, so keep us updated as u start using ur Sensi grow Ph perfect, assumeing that ur going sensi grow for veg , instead of just using bloom nutes, ive heard some do that.

    Thanks for the experience ! always great to know what one should avoid doing. Altho as Big bud, over drive, b52, bud candy, piranha, voodoo juice , and Final phase are all designed to be used in unison its hard to take this as solid info on the full experiance. Tho i'll definatly avoid useing them in the same combo as you, and if i end up useing all of them and run into similar issues i'll be sure to report back with my success or failure.

    As for not needing final phase, i agree, you definatly dont need it. But from how i understand it it helps your plant flush everything out without expending valuable plant energy and therefor doesn't have as much of a loss in that final weeks growth potential compaired to plain water flush, which totally does get the job done.

    Why do you say big bud and overdrive, OR bud candy, not both, and then go on to say uve had better luck following there calculator, but on the calculator they have big bud , overdrive and budcandy being used all together bud candy in peak growth , overdrive in end stage flower, and bud candy throughout, minus the flush

    Again thanks so much for your input, every user review is helpful

    Well when you finally use it, id guess it will be sooner than mid January. So report back ASAP maybe u can even catch me before i order. Id love to hear how it worked for you, what will u be growing in? Every re assurence on ph perfect tech will help

    If your talking just base nutes big mike himself in a video recomends 1 ml per liter till 4 leafsets , and then go to 2 ml per liter till 10 sets, then follow the chart. So in grow , each week you would use 57 mL total till 4 leaf sets, then switch to 2 ml per liter (114 a week) till about 10 leaf sets (personal judgement best) Then go to 228 each week. From what i understand you use micro , gro , and bloom all together all the time through bloom and grow. Take what i say with a grain of salt, id read on it urself a bit. but i dont belive the calculator is off. But u dont need it really unless ur useing hte additives and need to know what weeks to give what additive. If just using base nutes its just 4ml / L always , except in the beginning. Also there final week in flower on the calculator seems to be indicated by a - and not a week number, but the flush definatly is in the calculator, turn on expert bundle to see what i mean, it will show Final Phase being the only thing used that week.
  15. Don't get me wrong, sarcasm is great, i even got a chuckle off ur comment but this thread wasn't really meant for opinions on AN as a company. Expecially vauge sarcastic ones. I just dont want to have that develope as a trend here as im trying to get people who have experiance with PH perfect tech, and can attest or decline its effectiveness on balenceing PH without ever useing PH up or down.

    If you can speak on the matter from personal experiance im more than happy to hear your critique or complaints. But if your just here as an anti fan of AN please try and keep this thread clean of it. Its hard enough finding people who have used Ph perfect in hydro , no need to add clutter to the thread.

    Thanks for stopin by tho.. any taffic on a thread i started is good traffic imho lol

    And would a simplistic grow system really be the end of the world? How do you know it wouldnt make MORE educated growers, as they would be able to put forth all of there effort into plant care and menipulation allowing them to perfect technique, rather than being worried about nute uptake and lockout and ph balenceing up and down an ppm calculations. Simply saying its going to make less educated growers is too broad a statement to be taken as likely. Thats like saying Watching dvd's makes people less educated about rewinding and fast forwarding VHS, either way your still watching a movie. Im not saying your wrong, cus you could be 100% correct. Im just saying i dont think its so black and white.
  16. Using up the last of my 3-part for veg this round, Sensi bloom for flower.

    On the AN ph perfect calculator it shows the base nutrients and 4 different sets of bloom enhancers that work together, and if you look at the bundles they are sold in the recommended combos.

    Bud candy's main ingredient is magnesium and the same in overdrive so IMO I would not use both.

    If you are running biologicals in your DWC bud candy might be okay unless it overfeeds the bacteria and causes a mass die off, in soil or coco it's great. Avoiding sugar based products just works better for me.

    Piranha, voodoo and tarantula probably work the best in soil or coco grows but in hydro they are less useful unless you are using them to fight bad bacteria.

    Only my opinion, as speed said you need to be happy with your grow.
  17. Jungle juice is not ph perfect, AN made jungle juice to give the finger to GH, it is supposed to be a chemical match to GH 3 part for ½ the price. Use the label or GH's calculator.
  18. Yeah, the recomended combo is hobbiest bundle, and then any others you add on top of that (next level is expert) you just stack on top of the hobbiest bundle and follow the new feed chart for up to expert. and then same if you go to the pro level or the master one, you are supposed to use all of them and they claim they have it formulated so that at each level of the bundle you are useing the proper combination in the proper weeks based on the chart provided with that bundle.

    Overdrive is in the hobby bundle, and bud candy is in the expert one, and they recommend you use all of them in combination and follow the expert chart if you arent buying further up the fancy profit ladder.

    Im just saying what they say. I odiously dont know from experience, but ive been doing alot of reading about people using AN nutes and if they were charging so much for something that was over-doing it and killing plants , or making them have less yield then the other nutes they used to use, then id imagine there would be alot of angry complaints across the internet. Mainly the only complaint you find is "too expensive" but if PH perfect works like they claim; its worth the price tag imo

    which is why im here, lookin forward to updates from anybody who has used Ph perfect in hydro, i mean ive seen vids of it correct perfectly , but wonderin how it went on a full length grow kinda thing. Or at least like a consistant week
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    I read it as "Or's" not "And's"

    just read AN's site and they do recommend all of them together, I was wrong.
  20. I dunno if u mean , Oh ok i read it wrong, or if ur still sceptical but if its the latter than here is a quote off of their website

    "Expert Grower Bundle
    Ready to Taste the Sweetest, Strongest Hydroponic Buds Ever?
    Add the Expert Bundle to our customized base nutrients and the Hobbyist Bundle and you'll get sugary Bud Candy flowers that taste and smell better. Not only that, your buds are cleaner and your roots are better able to resist diseases and take in nutrients because this bundle gives you Final Phase, the world's most efficient crop clearing and flushing solution, and Piranha, the exclusive beneficial fungi formula for your plants. Stack the Expert and Hobbyist bundles and you'll see superb results right now, without worrying about pH."

    reads a bit like an infomercial but whaddya gonna do lol

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