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Adult Tokers

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by shredder, Jan 27, 2003.

  1. Hi, im a college student and have been puffing for about 5 years. It has always been super easy for me to get weed. My question is this: Is it harder to find weed as an adult? I've often thought that it'll be tough to find people to buy marijuana from once i get out of college. Answers?

  2. Yes it gets tougher and more paranoid the older you get. When every dealer thinks you are a cop because you are older and clean cut and all you want is weed, they think you are a narc and won't sell.
  3. all the older tokers i know just grow it.
  4. damn, i have never really thought about it that way. i am 17 and other teens will just ask me if i wanna buy. its like orange juice and cereal, i just gotta have it.

  5. Yea the older you get the harder to find some one that doesn't think you are a cop..

    I don't have all those problems. I grow my own!
  6. ill definitely be growin my own when im old
  7. Yeah, when I was in high school I had about 7 different people I could go to to get I only have 2. It sucks.
  8. i assume that by the time i get old (im 19) i will have my own house/apartment in which i will be able to grow for personal use in a small room at least

    if i get rich ill move to amsterdam and build a greenhouse behind my house :D

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