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  1. dude theres a peer pressure episode on saved by the bell, one beer and then they crash.
  2. Pshhhh. Bunch of lightweights.
  3. haha the other day they showed one where one of the girls gets all addicted to caffeine pills, crashes hard, and has an one day........from caffeine pills!!!!!!!

    it was one of the funniest things i ever saw
  4. yeah ive seen that one hahaha they all flip out sooo badly

    i like the one they showed recently


  5. haha saw that one last night FRIENDS FOREVER GRASSCITY! haha
  6. i just set it to record at like 3AM. is it really saved by the bell? WTF?

  7. haha yeap...saved by the bell. not a cartoon, why it's on cartoon network, don't ask me
  8. cause saved by the bell rocks when ur high, plus i used to watch it b4 school back in the day
  9. i hear ya cereal and saved by the bell was key.
  10. Haha i funniest shit i saw on 420 was saved by the bell on adult swim, that slow mo shit was hilarious.
  11. when i was a kid my sister watched it, i was stuck watching it becaue my rents favor my sister for shit like that. Back then it was ok, and skreech(sp) was the shit, but now i fucking hate that show. I watch CN to see cartoons not saved by the fucking bell.
  12. dude the people at adult swim are fucking genius. haha the other night they were posting some "routine" for watching adult swim and it said something like sit down, breath in cough out. cough out? did i catch a weed reference? did anyone else catch this?
  13. Technically it's on the "Adult Swim" Channel. It switches over to [as] from CN at night for arbitron/nielson ratings purposes. You notice that they don't really call Cartoon Network "Cartoon Network" anymore? It's now "The CN" or "CN". Change in agenda anyone?

    -Antwan L.

    [Edit] I just looked at my ratings book for the last quarter, and Cartoon Network is listed as "The CN" instead of it's full name like other channels (Like "The Lifetime Network")
  14. hhahah yeah i saw that TINR, they are all a bunch of stoners, i love it

    and when saved by the bell is on, it isnt called adult swim its "1980s something something something" (cant remember right now)
  15. wait has anyone seen the saved by the bell when the Movie Star comes in to shoot an anti drug comercial and ends up getting caught by zack and AC tokin in the school bathroom and they see the roach. Bascially they go and confront the kid and he can barley even function cus hes a 'pothead' its good stuff.

    Adult swim has all kinds of marijuana references, watch closely youll laugh.
  16. haha i know, it made me feel all warm inside. haha last night when i was watching i was ripped as shit, everytime a show i liked came on i said "hey! a bowl for so and so!" and i ended up passing out on the couch hahaha.

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